Who was Gordon J. Lau?

Gordon J. Lau (1941-1998)

Gordon J. Lau was a Chinese American well known for his outstanding accomplishments in San Francisco.  As a lawyer and civil rights pioneer, he promoted fairness in employment, education, and housing for everyone.  He made many valuable contributions to his community and to his church.  Gordon Lau was widely recognized for his leadership and served on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as well as on boards of many community and professional organization.  A more detailed account of his accomplishments can be found in this article from SF Gate.

Gordon J. Lau was born in Hawaii and came to San Francisco with his family when he was in high school.  After getting his university law degree, he married Mary Dong, and together they had three daughters - Stephanie, Diane, and Carolyn.  In 1998, he had a fatal heart attack.  Due to his important contributions to San Francisco and to the Chinese American community, Commodore Stockton Elementary School (formerly the Oriental School) was renamed in his honor.

We honor Gordon J. Lau because of his outstanding accomplishments as:

  • A Chinese American Community Leaders and
  • A San Francisco Civil Rights Pioneer

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