English Language Development

Every day from 8:45-9:25 AM Guadalupe teachers work with their students to develop spoken, written and reading skills in our English Language Development period.  Using the Wonders curriculum, students are able to use culturally relevant materials to practice and develop their language skills

Reading Workshop

Every day after English Language Development, all students take part in Readers and writers workshop. This is a time for students to read a book together with their teacher, and then break into small groups that read from their individual leveled reading libraries. 

Character Development

All students at GES participate in the top-rated Second Step Social-Emotional curriculum.  (See Rating at CASEL online.) Students do interactive workshops on key Social-Emotional Skills such as empathy, Social Awareness, Self-awareness, and Self Efficacy. Social responsibility and leadership are fostered through student service to the community in a number of areas/projects such as reading buddies, the Gardening Project, Walk/Bike to School, Recycling and regular cultural events.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM)

GES staff use the new Science Curriculum, the math curriculum and numerous community resources (such as the Mission Science Center) to develop students’ sense of wonder and engagement with the natural world. All students have access to ceramics, music, visual art, dance, and vibrant, fun PE/movement classes every week. 

Community Involvement

GES staff are passionate about connecting student learning to community resources. We have long standing relationships with 826 Valencia, the SF Symphony, Mission Science Workshop, the Samoan Community Center, Coleman Advocates, SF Bike Coalition, Our Families Coalition, Environmental Center at Fort Funston, and many others. Students participate in multiple field trips per grade, culminating in overnight camping at Fort Funston for 4th and 5th graders.