Faculty & Staff Directory


Ferrante, Gina:   Assistant Principal. Email: ferranteg@sfusd.edu

Hunter, Celetta:  Assistant Principal. Email: hunterc@sfusd.edu

Maselli-Zimman, Kate: Instructional Reform Facilitator. Email: masellizimmank@sfusd.edu

Ryan, Susan:  Principal. Email: ryans1@sfusd.edu

College and Career Center

Alderson, James: JVS. Email: jalderson@jvs.org

Canty, Mya: 100% College Prep. Email: mya@100collegeprep.org

Marinelli, Jill: Mission Graduates. Email: jill@missiongraduates.org

Rubio, Wendy: Mission Graduates. Email: rubiow@sfusd.edu

Stewart, McKenzie: JVS. Email: mstewart@jvs.org

Thompson, Ivory: JVS. Email: ithompson@jvs.org

Turcios, Guillermo: JVS. Email: gturcios@jvs.org

Walme, Tia: JVS. Email: twalme@jvs.org

Yang, Johnny: Upward Bound. Email: jyang@jcyc.org

Community Partners

Armas, Flor: MEDA.  Email: farmas@medasf.org

Kappe, Tessa: CUESA. Email: tessa@cuesa.org

Kim, Lisa: JVS. Email: lkim@jvs.org

Taylor, Latasha: FACES. Email: taylorl1@sfusd.edu


Chambers, Oyende: Case Manager.  Email: chamberso@sfusd.edu

DeHaro, Leslie: Counselor, 11th and 12th grades.   Email: deharol@sfusd.edu

Florez, Armando: Counselor, 9th and 10th grades (A-K).  Email: floreza@sfusd.edu

Wolfgram, Pete: Conselor, 9th and 10th grades (L-Z).  Email: wolfgramp@sfusd.edu


Alexander, Georgette: Math and Science.  Email: alexanderg@sfusd.edu

Gabay, Lea: Public Service Pathway. Email: gabayl@sfusd.edu

Goodwin, Rowena: ACCESS.  Email: goodmanr@sfusd.edu

Jones, Shannon: Design and Sustainability.   Email: joness2@sfusd.edu

Lemke, Andrew: Math and Science. Email: lemkea@sfusd.edu

Lenoir, Nikisha: ACCESS. Email: lenoirn@sfusd.edu

Medina, Alicia: Math and Spanish. Email: medinaa@sfusd.edu

Paredes, Mayra: ACCESS. Email: paredesm@sfusd.edu

Rand, Irie: Math and Science. Email: randi@sfusd.edu

Segura, Alan: Entrepreneurship and Culinary Arts. Email:

Walker, Candace: Building and Construction Trades. Email: walkerc2@sfusd.edu

Wong, Amelia: ACCESS. Email: wonga11@sfusd.edu

Office Staff

Flores, Rebeca: Family Liaison. Email: floresr@sfusd.edu

Murrillo, Anna: Attendance, Counseling. Email: murilloa@sfusd.edu

Newsome, Pattie: Office Manager. Email: newsomep@sfusd.edu


Anderson, Immoni Email: andersoni@sfusd.edu

Blea, Leo Email: bleal@sfusd.edu

Gallardo, Juan Email: gallardoj@sfusd.edu

Velasco, Nancy Email: velascon@sfusd.edu


Student Success Coaches

Isuiza, Kevin: Liberation and Resistance Studies. Email: isuizak@sfusd.edu

Nunez, Andrea: Humanities and Social Justice. Email: nuneza@sfusd.edu

Thompson, Ivory: Liberation and Resistance Studies. Email: thompsoni@sfusd.edu


Adams, Zoey: Speech Therapist. Email: adamsz1@sfusd.edu

Aguirre, Samantha: Social Science (Humanities and Social Justice). Email: aguirres@sfusd.edu

Angulo, Olvia: Spanish. Email: anguloo@sfusd.edu

Bennett, Dan: Math. Email: bennettd1@sfusd.edu

Benson, David: Special Education (Liberation and Resistance Studies). Email: bensond@sfusd.edu

Breckenridge, Leon: Special Education. Email: breckenridgel@sfusd.edu

Brooks, Alexandria: Career Technical Education (Entrepreneurship and Culinary Arts). Email: brooksa@sfusd.edu

Chapman, Gregory: Physical Education. Email: chapmang@sfusd.edu

Chen, Jenny: Science. Email: chenj24@sfusd.edu

Colley, Matt: English (Public Service). Email: colleym@sfusd.edu

Daugherty, Patti: Special Education (Math). Email: daughertyp@sfusd.edu

Diaz, Dylan: English (Science, Communication and Sustainability). Email: diazd@sfusd.edu

Escobar, Christian: Social Science. Email: escobarc1@sfusd.edu

Fenstermaker, Russ: Special Education (Science, Communication and Sustainability). Email: fenstermakerr@sfusd.edu

Hiltbrand Hall, Erin: Health. Email: halle@sfusd.edu

Johnson, Sabrina: Special Education (Health Behavioral Sciences). Email: johnsons3@sfusd.edu

Karmelita, Amanda: Special Education (Math). Email: karmelitaa@sfusd.edu

Kelly, Mikka: Special Education (Liberation and Resistance Studies). Email: kellym1@sfusd.edu

Kim, Urina: Science (Design and Sustainable Technology). Email: kimu@sfusd.edu

Lewis, Christina: Special Education (ACCESS). Email: lewisc@sfusd.edu

Martinezxonthe, Yoselin: Career Technical Education (Public Service). Email: martinezxonthey@sfusd.edu

Massarany, Natalie: Science (Science, Communication and Sustainability). Email: massaranyn@sfusd.edu

Miladi Grossi, Anna:  Career Technical Education (Design and Sustainable Technology). Email: grossia@sfusd.edu

Moore, Richard: Science (Health Behavioral Sciences). Email: moorer@sfusd.edu

Moskowitz, Elaine: Librarian. Email: moskowitze@sfusd.edu

Mululu, Julianna: Science. Email: mululuj@sfusd.edu

Parada, Ariel: English, (Liberation & REsistance Studies). Email: paradaa@sfusd.edu

Phillips, Emily: Career Technical Education, Art. Email: phillipse1@sfusd.edu 

Price, Juanita: Career Technical Education, (Health Behavioral Sciences). Email: pricej@sfusd.edu

Quezada, Ruben: Social Science. Email: quezadar@sfusd.edu

Reagan, Julia: English, (Health Behavioral Sciences). Email: reaganj@sfusd.edu

Royale, Elena: Special Education. Email: royalee@sfusd.edu

Shah, Sabeena: English (Entrepreneurship & Culinary Arts). Email: shahs@sfusd.edu

Speer, Stacey: English,  (Design and Sustainable Technology). Email: speers@sfusd.edu

Spero, Sekani: Special Education (Humanities & Social Justice). Email: speros1@sfusd.edu

Sullivan, Maggie: Math. Email: sullivanm2@sfusd.edu

Thompson, Maurisa: Science (Science, Communication and Sustainability). Email: thompsonm1@sfusd.edu

Vaez, Joey: Social Science (Liberation and Resistance Studies). Email: vaezj@sfusd.edu

Vidalon-Suzuki, Luis: Math. Email: vidalon-suzukil@sfusd.edu

Viera-Serrano, Michael: Spanish. Email: viera-serranom@sfsdu.edu

Wang, Amy: Math. Email: wanga1@sfusd.edu

Wood, Chris: Career Technical Education, (Building and Construction Trades). Email: woodc1@sfusd.edu

Zwettler, Gabe: English (Humanities and Social Justice). Email: zwettlerg@sfusd.edu

Wellness Center

Banford, Kimberly: RAMS Therapist. Email: kimberlybanford@ramsinc.org

Christmas, Marcus: Wellness Center Coordinator. Email: christmasm@sfusd.edu

Lopez, Christina: Community Health Outreach Worker. Email: lopezc3@sfusd.edu

Svigals, Ginny: Nurse. Email: svigalsv@sfusd.edu