About Houses, Pathways & Departments

Upper Division for Grades 11-12

For grades 11-12, John O'Connell High School offers three-hour integrated, project-based pathways with courses taught by teams of instructors from both education and business. Students pursue individual interests and advanced study through internships and access to college courses. In these labs, students will be prepared for specified careers, while providing a strong foundation for college. Integrated labs in 2020-21 are:

Lower Division for Grade 9-10

Our Lower Division Houses for grades 9-10 offer several pathways for students to learn and to prepare for college and career. Teachers team up to integrate content and provide students more individual support. 

  • Humanities and Social Justice House (HSJ) - With a social-justice lens, students learn about modern world history and English in the Humanities and Social Justice House. In these classes, students examine systems of culture, power, oppression, uprisings and movements that shaped our world.
  • Science, Communication and Sustainability (SCS) - In the Science, Communication and Sustainability, students experience the connections between English, Physics, and their own personal development.
  • Liberation and Resistance Studies (LRS)

Core Classes and Electives

Students at John O'Connell High School also challenge themselves in core and elective classes, including mathematics, visual arts, Spanish World Language, and physical education. Learn more about those classes:

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