Tools for Central Office Leaders

Guidelines, links & tools for SFSD's central office leaders

End of School Year & Exit Checklists

New!   End of Year Checklist - for SFSD Supervisors & Managers

SFSD expectations & tools when staff leave their position:

MOU Info & Resources for SFSD Staff

Current / Approved MOUs:

  • Current MOUs on SFUSD's standard / online formwith a summary by organization name + links to the online platform to view details about services.
  • The list of current MOUs now includes SFSD's MOUs on Specialized forms, for certain services managed by our Division. 

There are multiple types of MOUs (aka Memorandum of Understanding)

  1. Most MOUs are on SFUSD’s standard form, through the online Salesforce platform. 
  2. New!  SFSD Guide to Specialized MOUs and Specialized MOU Planning Document - for our division only.
  3. Here's a summary of services that need special MOU forms.
  4. See this one-pager: Eight 1/2 Things SFUSD Staff Should Know about working with service providers.

Resources for SFSD staff about MOUs

MOU data & reports through the online platform

  • Access interactive reports for you to view details for each MOU and/or find services that may be available. 
  • You will need to create a user account on this platform hosted by Salesforce.
  • Find easy instructions in this Guide to Get Started.  

Find more info

SFSD Communications Overview, Guidelines & Links

SFSD's Guide to Extended Calendar Requests (ECR)

Be sure to read the full guide & instructions:

Quick links for Extended Calendar Requests:

Resources from training for SFSD Central Leaders:

SFSD's Guide to the Contracts Process

Be sure to read the full guide & instructions:

Quick links:


  • 4/11/22 update for Central Leaders:  Presentation slides (updates on SFSD contracts for FY22-23)
  • 2/28/22 training for Central Leaders:  Presentation slides (overview of district & SFSD process)

SFSD's Central Office Logistics

Additional Tools for Central Office Leaders (limited access to docs)

Quick Links to Guidelines & Tools for Central Office Leaders

(Access to these documents is limited as they contain or link to confidential information.)



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