Newcomer Structured English Immersion

The Everett Middle School Newcomer Structured English Immersion Department consists of CLAD and BCLAD credentialed teachers from a range of subject areas who collaborate regularly to provide a rigorous and sheltered English experience for our Newcomer and Long-Term English Language Learner students. Students at the Beginner and Early Intermediate levels of English receive 90 minutes of English Language Development every morning. Students at the Intermediate, Early Advanced and Advanced levels in English, often known as "long term ELL students" receive 30 minutes daily of ELD instruction. Our Beginner and Early Intermediate students then participate in sheltered instruction in English for Literacy, Math and Science while students in the upper levels of ELD are integrated into Mainstream classes.  All ELD students participate in alternating PE and electives, with Newcomers from Spanish-speaking countries taking Spanish Language Arts during their elective time.

ELD classrooms are mixed by grade according to language proficiency, enabling teachers to target language instruction and students to progress at their own language level. The team regularly collaborates and looks at student data to accelerate students through the five proficiency levels of ELD and mainstream them into the General Education environment as quickly as possible. Students must be performing at Intermediate level in English and have a reading score that matches some of the other students in the General Education classrooms in order to be considered for Mainstreaming.

Our core belief is that proficiency in academic English is crucial to college, career and social success and we aim to accelerate our students' English acquisition in a fun, joyful and rigorous way. Our teachers use a hybrid of ELA Achieve's Systematic ELD curriculum, High Point, Access: Newcomers and Rosetta Stone to provide a balanced approach to Systematic ELD. 

This page was last updated on June 24, 2019