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The best way to get assistance from the school is to contact the main office. Walk-ins or call will get referred to the appropriate staff member.  Call us at 415-759-2783. 


If you'd like to reach your child's teacher, email him/her.  To get a teacher's email address, check Parent Vue or contact the main office. 

Note: teachers can only take phone calls before school, on a prep period or after school.


To ensure contact with staff, set up an appointment.


If you want to reach an administrator or support staff, see the list of contacts below:

Mr. Baker, Ms. Coffa, and Ms. Erby
Principal Gabriel Baker, Principal

Mr. Baker is the Principal for Hoover, supporting and leading all aspects of school from student learning to school management to ensure we have a positive, safe school community.

He is also the 8th grade administrator/support
Assistant Principal Julia Coffa, Student Support

Ms. Coffa oversees the counseling office and can assist you to report a matter of student support and/or safety, including discipline.

She is also the 7th grade administrator/support.
Assistant Principal Shannon Erby, Curriculum & Instruction

Ms. Erby can help answer questions regarding your child's academics, including English Language Learner support and Assessments. 

She is also the 6th grade administrator /support.



School Dean 6th Grade Counselor 7th Grade Counselor 8th Grade Counselor
Ms. Karen Green
Mr. Andy Huang
Ms. Angela Wong
Ms. Renee Ashbaugh



Other School and Student Support contacts include:

Social Worker Community Health Outreach Worker (CHOW) Secretaries:
Ms. Thary Duong
Ms. Jackeline Zepeda-Callejas
Attendance Clerk and general support
Cecilia Nastor
Main Office Secretary and general support
Frances Ng Lee

Rosa Arguello-Ortega
Counseling Office Secretary and Registrar
Ms. Shamika Gordon

This page was last updated on August 16, 2022