APG Modernization Project

APG Modernization Plan

  • MODERNIZATION PLAN (click on link for design team's presentation)
  • Update all classrooms and library
  • Completely modernize science classrooms
  • Refresh art classroom
  • Enlarge drama classrooms and refresh interior
  • Modernize music classrooms and refresh storage area
  • Renovate auditorium: fix broken seats; replace sound system, projector, and screen; refinish stage floor; replace stage curtains and rerope stage equipment; fix stage lighting, add lighting at sides; paint walls
  • Renovate gym & locker rooms*: refinish gym floor, replace bleachers, replace basketball backboards; apply glare-reducing film to windows; refresh ceilings and walk-off mats; update locker room paint, flooring, and walls; replace lockers; replace locker room shower areas with office, storage, and 100 additional lockers
  • Modernize kitchen and cafeteria
  • Add new staff lounge
  • Campus-wide updates:
    • Refresh restrooms
    • Replace lighting with LED fixtures
    • Upgrade campus security systems
    • Upgrade campus data systems
    • Install new window shades
    • Fix interior leaks
    • Paint interior spaces
  • Relocate main office to Ortega ramp area; create new front entry visible from street; increase security by replacing door hardware
  • Structural strengthening; replace roof; paint exterior; add code-compliant insulation; construct new trash enclosure

Phasing Schedule

Phasing Plans

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