Why Bryant?

Why Bryant?

Bryant Elementary is located in the heart of the Mission District. Bryant has a dedicated group of teachers and staff with excellent programs that turn us into a positive force for students, families and our community.

Top 10 Reasons to Join Bryant: 


  1. Strong emphasis on academic achievement with a Spanish bilingual program

  2. Inviting, attractive and welcoming school. We have tons of beautiful murals!

  3. Highly dedicated, qualified and supportive staff and teachers

  4. Multicultural celebrations

  5. Student recognition programs, Principal’s list, Honor Roll, Perfect Attendance, and weekly Bear Hugs

  6. After-school programs on site

  7. Strong parental and community support and informative workshops

  8. Responsible, respectful, and goal oriented environment

  9. We are a Community School! 

  10. Apple Computer lab for K-5 & laptop carts for all upper-grade classes 

Special Programs

Systematic ELD: We have fully implemented a Systematic ELD (English Language Development) program that all teachers have embraced wholeheartedly.

Community School: We are a Community School dedicated to providing services and support for the whole family, to ensure students achieve academically.

Music, Art and Dance: We offer bi-weekly music, art and dance classes for students from outside providers. This allows teachers to have time to plan together in teams and assure student success.

Special Education Inclusion: A program that includes students with special needs in all classes.

Graphic explaining why Bryant is a community school

This page was last updated on September 11, 2019