Our Health and Nutrition Initiative

Last year, we kicked off an initiative to build a healthier community. Core to this effort is teaching our community about the importance of nutrition and encouraging all to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle.

Program Highlights

   Fostering an active lifestyle

  • All students receive 100 minutes of physical education each week.
  • Many teachers do yoga in the classroom.
  • A variety of fitness equipment is available to students at recess.
  • A recess Walking Club -- took over 1 million steps last school year!


  • Health curriculum for each grade level.
  • Continuing development of the Garden Program, emphasizing "garden to table" concepts.
  • PTA meeting devoted to health/nutrition guidance.
  • Informative displays about food and nutrition in the school's main foyer.

   Commitment to healthy community celebrations

This page was last updated on February 3, 2020