Program Highlights

  • Beacon After School Program (Open until 6 p.m. located downstairs from the school):  The Beacon program is an integral part of our village. In partnership with the Boys and Girls club of San Francisco, Beacon offers a mentorship program as well as other enrichment activities like homework assistance, cooking classes, STEM workshops and other activities. Carver families can also enjoy transportation services and vision and dental screenings. During the summer, field trips, workshops and other fun approaches to learning are also available. 
  • Family Literacy Nights: Carver Elementary offers various parent programs, including the Carver Family Literacy Night. It is a nighttime event, often following a theme such as “Superheros” or celebrating cultural holidays in which students can dress up, show off their literacy and writing skills in front of their friends and families. The event allows staff members and families the ability to bond over dinner, workshops, book giveaways and raffles with grand prizes including MacBooks and more.
  • Family Center: The Family Center at Carver Elementary is a place for solidarity and to build community. Families can visit the center to collect food and pantry items and receive support like resume workshopping, job application help and internet access.
  • Mothers Against Poverty (MAP): MAP provides fresh organic meat, frozen vegetables, canned food, pantry items, hygiene kits and other resources to Carver families.
  • Family University: We offer a series of workshops for parents and Carver families to pick up new skills once a month — not just focused on academics. Parents can stop by our school and learn how to create a reading nook, make essential oils and find out about the various love languages that exist. 
  • Wellness Center: Carver Elementary is home to a Wellness Center, a safe space in our building in which our licensed social worker offers one-on-one therapy, family and group therapy as well as aromatherapy. During distance learning, it is a digital space featuring a “Virtual Feelings Room” for students at home to cope with any stress or anxiety. We teach coping mechanisms to children to help manage stress and regulate their own emotions in a welcoming environment whether virtual or physical.
  • 21st Century Media Studies: Carver students build digital literacy and critical thinking skills through our 21st Century Media Studies program, which is integrated into our schools library. The 21st Century Media Studies program is a  library program that focuses on building digital literacy and critical thinking skills for students to discern between content online.  
  • 1:1 Mentorship Programs: Through Friends of the Children and Mentor for Success,  students are matched with staff and community members who they meet with regularly (in person or via Zoom) to foster a meaningful friendship. Mentors often take their mentees on outings, and are there to celebrate their victories and to offer support and advice on challenges. Friends of the Children mentors work with their mentees from first grade through high school graduation.

This page was last updated on August 26, 2021