Did You Know?

Today’s school libraries are more than places to check out books. In the Carver Library, students engage in diverse read alouds and learn technology, research, and other library skills to support academic success. 

When does my child visit the library?

  • Classes visit once weekly for a library skills lesson/activity and book check out. Individual students or classes may visit the library at other times as needed. 

What does my child do in the library?

Depending on your child’s grade level, he/she learns skills such as:

  • Read alouds to promote literacy skills and the enjoyment of reading  
  • Research skills using print & electronic resources
  •  Selecting books for leisure and academics
  • Organization & use of the library (e.g., sections of the library, call numbers, Dewey Decimal)
  • Use of online library resources/databases  
  • The different genres of literature (e.g. different types of fiction and nonfiction)
  • Digital citizenship skills (e.g., Internet safety and etiquette)    

This page was last updated on September 8, 2022