Morning School Bus #605

8:45 am Leola Havard @ 1520 Oakdale Ave
9:00 am Starr King @ SB Wisconsin St.
9:08 am Las Americas @ 21 St & Treat St, SE Corner
9:20 am Harvey Milk Elementary @ 200 Collingwood St

Early Evening School Bus #614

5:10 pm Harvey Milk Elementary @ 200 Collingwood St.
5:12 pm Las Americas @ 21st & Treat St., SE Corner
5:18 pm Starr King @ SB Wisconsin St.
5:31 pm Malcom X @ 350 Harbor Rd.
5:36 pm Leola Havard @ 1520 Oakdale Ave
5:45 pm Taylor @ SB Goettingen
6:00 pm Santos @ Sunnydale

All students taking the evening bus will need to be enrolled in the after school program.

Public Transportation

Located in the heart of San Francisco’s Castro district, Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy is served by many major transportation lines.

Muni Metro K, L, and M drop you off at Castro and Market streets just three blocks from the school. Many others are within a few blocks. 

  • The 24 Line stops at 19th & Castro, one block away.
  • The 33 Line stops at 18th & Diamond, one block away.
  • The 37 line stops at Market and Castro, three blocks away.

Visit or to plan your transit. There is a printable bus schedule PDF on the SFUSD web site.

This page was last updated on October 23, 2022