Flynn Major School-Wide Agreements

Major School-Wide Agreements

We want our students to have a Respectful, Responsible and Safe (RRS) learning environment at Flynn.  There are specific agreements across the school’s common areas (i.e., hallways, play yard, bathrooms, cafeteria, et al.) that all children are asked to abide by in order to create this type of learning environment. 

Here are a few of the agreements that we expect our students to follow:

  • Use kind, respectful language and tone of voice at all times with peers and adults
  • Follow the direction of ALL caring Flynn adults
  • Play in a safe way
  • Keep the school clean and orderly. We like to say: “Leave it better than you found it”
  • Respect school property and the property of other students and staff.
  • Walk quietly and safely in the hallways with a pass
  • Solve problems peacefully (using the “I Message” and the “Clean Up” or Restorative Circles)


Bullying is not accepted at Flynn.  Students should feel safe physically and emotionally at school.  Students who feel unsafe have a hard time concentrating when they are in school, and they may skip school altogether.  Flynn follows the San Francisco Board of Education policy regarding the use of slurs by students and employees.  This policy views the use of "slurs against any person on the basis of race, color, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability" as unacceptable behavior (Board Policy 5162). 

Things to Leave at Home                                 

In order to promote a Respectful, Responsible and Safe environment at Flynn, the following are discouraged on school premises:

  • Candy, gm, chips or soda
  • Toys (including electronic games, trading cards)
  • Balls (of any size) - we will provide equipment at recess and P.E.
  • Skates, scooters and shoes with rollers
  • Makeup and perfumed products (some students may have allergic reactions to these products)
  • MP3 player, radio or Walkman/CD player
  • Pager or cellular phone (working or not)*
  • Money (in excessive amounts)

If these items are brought to school, we will ask students to put them in their backpacks or they will be held by the teacher and given back to the student or a family member at the end of the day.

*With a parent’s permission, a cell phone can be kept in a student’s backpack but CANNOT BE USED ON SCHOOL GROUNDS AT ANY TIME.  If a student needs to make an emergency call they can do that in the office. 

This page was last updated on June 18, 2019