Marina Middle School Overview

Marina Middle School Overview

First opened in 1936, Marina continues to grow and flourish through each iteration. At Marina we are building a community of students in which we value integrity, nurture creativity, place respect for each other as a priority, foster the curiosity of intellectual abilities, promote responsibility and leadership, appreciate cultural differences and feel safe to be who we are on the inside.

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*Note, some programs and activities are not available during distance learning. 

What makes Marina special

Our challenge is to maintain a sense of family at all times while we allow for building capacity in our students, in each other and in our programs.

We have just over 800 students taking Math, English, Science, Social Studies, PE, Advisory and an elective which may include: band, orchestra, art, video media, Arabic language and culture, AVID, Spanish, ethnic studies, or guitar. In addition, we are partnered with the Marina Beacon Center and a number of other community based organizations which provide opportunities for our students that range from hiking, camping and sailing, music and dance events to clubs that meet at lunch.

We are passionate about supporting the individual educational journeys of all of our students as we look toward the future, guided by the comprehensive strategic plan of the San Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUSD) Vision 2025. We want every child to be part of the magic of learning at Marina Middle School.

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