Physical Education (P.E.)


Ask a student their favorite part of the day, it is likely P.E. (Physical Education). At Marina we offer P.E. three days per week with one of our great full-time coaches. Students rotate through various "themes" including Martial Arts, Team Sports, Biking, Circus Arts, Boot Camp, Dance, and Ultimate Frisbee just to name a few. Each coach offers a little something different and over your three years at Marina you'll have a chance to experience it all. 

Students change in the locker rooms (if you forget your P.E. uniform at home you'll be sitting out that day with a "suit-cut" don't forget). Students are assigned a P.E. locker and a P.E. issued lock.

Your student will find out all the details about the program during the first few weeks of school. All information is posted on the bulletin board in the P.E. hallway.

P.E. Uniforms

P.E. Uniform: Students must wear appropriate navy blue shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or sweatpants for P.E. Students may bring these items from home or purchase them through their PE teacher. Students will learn more about this during the first week of school.

LINK HERE to policy and order form.

This page was last updated on October 29, 2021