Marina Beacon Center

The Marina Beacon Center: Supports Marina Middle School students and families through family engagement activities, lunchtime enrichment, health and wellness programs, an afterschool program and summer programming that includes Power Scholars Academy.

Our Mission: The Marina Beacon Center empowers each and every Marina Middle School student to reach their full potential by strengthening relationships between students, families, and the broader school community, and leveraging strategic partnerships to provide equitable opportunities for all students. 

Our Vision: Our vision is that Marina Middle School students have equitable access to opportunities and the support they need to find their passion and succeed in high school, higher education, and life beyond education. 

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Strategic Partnerships

The Marina Beacon Center relies on strategic and coordinated partnerships in order to provide a wider range of supports for students. Our current partners include Street Soccer USASan Francisco Unified School District’s (SFUSD) Youth Health Outreach ProgramYBikeEarth Service CorpsPresidio YMCA Aquatics, and YRangers

Contact Information

For general information: Phone: 415-351-3181, Email: marinabeacon@ymcasf.net, Visit: Room 124

Amelia Rudberg, MSW, Beacon Director, 415-447-9617, arudberg@ymcasf.net, rudberga@sfusd.edu

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Gianna Morris, Beacon Program Manager, 415-496-6289, Gmorris@ymcasf.net, morrisg@sfusd.edu

Nikki West, Assistant Site Coordinator, nwest@ymcasf.net

Jesse Francheterre, Family & Community Engagement Coordinator, 415-634-5324, jfrancheterre@ymcasf.net, francheterrej@sfusd.edu

Alex Matson, Academic Coordinator, 415-448-7322, amatson@ymcasf.net, matsona@sfusd.edu

Karla Ambriz, Health & Wellness Coordinator, kambriz@ymcasf.net, ambrizk@sfusd.edu, 415-484-2313

Alexis Moran, Student Success Coach iamoran@ymcasf.net, morana@sfusd.edu, 415-483-0793


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