School Mission and Vision

Be a supportive school. We are an inclusive school with a culture of high expectations for our students, our staff, and our parents. Closing the achievement gap is a school wide expectation. We identify strategies and programs to increase student achievement. 

Provide students access to qualified staff.  We will provide data-informed professional development and provide time for faculty to meet and plan collaboratively. We will support teachers and provide them with opportunities to build their professional capacity.

Maintain classrooms that support learning.  We will use student assessment data and other student performance data to inform instruction.  We will provide targeted literacy and math instruction, which includes small group instruction, assessment analysis, and corrective instruction.  We will put accountability measures in place to make sure students are performing.

Have equity in education.  At Paul Revere, every student has access to the curriculum. We will provide students with a differentiated curriculum where students’ needs are met. There will be a focus on putting practices in place to help close our achievement and opportunity gaps. We will work to provide students with a rigorous education and aim to disrupt the predictability of success or failure that currently correlates with any social or cultural factor. 

Cultivate a Positive School Culture.  We will recognize and reward students.  Students will be recognized academically and  recognized for outstanding character. We will also cultivate a shared vision where the school community embraces the notion that schools cannot operate effectively without an important partnership with the larger community. At Paul Revere we value students’ and families’ backgrounds, languages, and experiences. 


This page was last updated on May 23, 2019