Dual Immersion Program

Vision and Program Overview

VISION: The Paul Revere Spanish Dual Immersion Program is based on 3 core pillars of Dual Immersion Instruction: Bilingualism & biliteracy, high academic achievement in both languages, and socio-cultural competence. The Dual Immersion model is a method of language instruction in which students acquire a language in an authentic way, by being immersed in content based instruction (math, social studies, reading, writing, science) in the target language. At Revere, students in PreK/Kindergarten receive the majority of their academic instruction in Spanish. Each year the percentage of academics taught in Spanish decreases to accomodate for a corresponding increase in English instruction.


Our Program Goals:

  • High academic achievement in all standard curricular areas

  • Fluency in oral communication and literacy in both languages

  • Ability to interact effectively with others across cultural differences


                       Spanish              English

Kinder:              80%                     20%

1st:                    75%                     25%

2nd:                   70%                     30%

3rd:               S1:60%                    40%

                     S2:50%                    50%

4th:                    50%                     50%

5th:                    50%                     50%

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