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Laptop and Ipad Procedures

At the end of every lesson in which computers are used:

  1. Teacher must check that all laptops/ipads are in their proper spots.  Neither students nor teachers may leave if one laptop/ipad is out of place.  

  2. The office and Ms. K must immediately be notified so that a search can take place.

By no means should students transport laptops/ipads without an adult present and substitutes should never use laptops/ipads without a teacher present.


Every lap top/ipad is numbered and has a spot.  Students should do the following when using laptops or ipads:

  1. Have an assigned number to use.

  2. Be responsible to alert the teacher if their laptop/ipad is not working properly.

  3. Put the lap top/ipad back in its proper place at the end of each period.

Teachers are responsible for:

  1. Making sure students have the correct number.

  2. Students are on the appropriate educational links for the class assignment.

  3. Must report immediately if anything is missing.

Technology Help Desk

What to do if you need help:

  • Call SFUSD IT Help
    • 415-241-6476
  • Submit a Help Ticket online

Did you try:

  • Checking the power connections?
  • Powering down the device/Restarting?
  • A simple google search or youtube the issue?