Athletic Program @ Presidio

Fall 2023 sports will resume on August 9, 2023.

All physical forms must be signed and completed prior to the tryout dates.


Athletic Program

Presidio Middle School participates in the San Francisco AAA League. We participate in all 8 sports offered by the district. It is an honor to be on a school team and represent your middle school. Students must be dedicated, talented, and committed. Each season lasts about three months, and there is practice everyday after or before school. Presidio is very proud of its successful athletic program. We have made the playoffs and won many City championships. Students are honored at an awards’ assembly held in the fall and in the spring.

SF AAA League website:

Each sport requires a three-month commitment, and students must have a 2.0 grade point average and satisfactory citizenship to be on a school team. Students must also have a current Physical Exam Form on file with the coach. Every student is responsible for making up all class assignments and homework.

Presidio participates in the following athletic competitions:

 SPORT                                  SEASON                         COACH

Baseball ( fnccazn)       


James Burke

Softball (3it4eid)


Leslie Burleson, Sharon Cheng, Kevin Phung

Boys Soccer (g6puqfb)


Rei Torwart

Girls Basketball (73wrf2b)


Sharon Cheng

Boys Basketball (uuzqebc)


Phil Ching

Girls Soccer


Mike Yoffie

Girls Volleyball


Leslie Burleson 

Co-ed Track & Field


Kevin Phung, Navin Wong, Rachel Eckberg, Casey Chan


The Wrestling Club is coached by Mr. Kudroff. It meets before, after school, or during lunchtime.  Wrestling Club is open to ALL students.


Intramural games are coached by Kevin Phung. It is an opportunity for ALL STUDENTS to compete with their Homeroom against other grade level Homeroom teams daily during lunch. Athletic Commissioners and student volunteers participate in scorekeeping and refereeing. 




The completed physical form packet is required before an athlete can try out for any of our athletic teams.  It must be uploaded prior to tryouts.

Presidio Middle School Athletics will be moving our athletic paperwork to a digital format. We are asking parents/guardians to use the website: to complete all athletic paperwork for each school year. The forms will remain the same but will now be a digital signature. Moving to Home Campus will allow everyone to stay updated with athletes being cleared for each sport. Below is the link to the website, instructions on how to navigate the website, and a walkthrough video.

The completed physical form packet is required before an athlete can try out for any Presidio athletic team.

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