Procedures and Policies


If your child is sick or going to miss school, please call Ms.Miller in the Attendance office directly at 415.750.8442

This will help free up the main office line. You can also send an email!


Students are expected to be at school every day there is class. If a student is absent due to illness, medical or dental appointments or family emergencies please call the attendance office (415-750-8442) the same day the student is absent and leave information about why the student is not in school. Also, please have the student bring a signed note to his/her homeroom teacher (or the attendance office) on the day the student returns to school stating the reason for the absence. State law requires the school to call the parent/guardian when students are not in school.  Students should contact their teachers for missed classroom and homework.
Tardy to school
Students are expected to arrive to school on time everyday. If students are tardy to school (any time after the 9:35am second tardy bell, even during passing time) they must report to the counseling office to get a tardy pass before going to class. (Teachers will not accept students without a pass.) Please understand that if students arrive to school late and do not get tardy passes, calls to parents/guardians may be made since they did not check into homeroom.
Permits to Leave
If a student needs to leave school early for a medical or dental appointment, a note must be brought to the attendance office at the beginning of the day, during homeroom. A permit to leave will be issued to the student. Please have students check into the attendance office when returning from an appointment.  Students should contact their teachers for any missed classwork or homework.
A truant is any student absent without valid excuse 3 full days in one school year, or tardy or absent for more than a 30 minute period during the school day on 3 occasions in one school year, or combination of the above. The Student Attendance Department (not Presidio) sends a truancy notice after the third absence.
Emergency Cards 
Paper emergency cards must be filled out completely on BOTH SIDES and SIGNED by parent/guardian. Please include emergency contact names and phone numbers. Please note that the school can only release students to the adult(s) listed on the Emergency card. Parent/Guardian must contact the Attendance Office or an Administrator in order to release their student in case of emergency or illness. Texts or calls to students will not be accepted. Please notify the Educational Placement Center (EPC) at 555 Franklin St. Rm. #100, with changes of address as soon as possible. All address changes require 2 proofs of address and identification. Parents may also complete the Emergency Card in ParentVue, but this does NOT replace the paper copy which must be on file in the Attendance office.


*Fall 2022 - Lockers will not be in use 

7th and 8th grade students may use hall lockers ONLY before and after homeroom, before and after lunch, and after school.

6th grade students may use hall lockers at teachers’ discretion.  

Click HERE for a copy of the Locker Agreement.

The reason for this is to reduce hallway congestion by keeping students moving as efficiently as possible between classes. Having limited access to lockers does require forward planning and the staff at Presidio Middle School is committed to supporting students in this transition. Thank you for your understanding.


Cell phones must be turned off and out of sight during school hours.  This also includes lunch time.  The phone is to be used only on the way to and from school.  It may not be used on school campus at any time except in the case of a major emergency, such as an earthquake.

If a student is NOT to able to follow these rules, the phone WILL be taken away.   Guardians will be required to come to campus to pick up the phone.  This may result in the student not being able to bring their phone to campus for the rest of the school year.

Students who plan to bring cell phones to school are required to have a signed contract on file.  Please see your child's counselor for a copy of this contract.

Please note that Presidio Middle School is not responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to cell phones.


Welcome to Presidio Physical Education, we look forward to having your child in our program this year. In order to prepare for a successful year, students will wear comfortable and appropriate clothing in physical education. 

Physical Education Clothing/Supplies

  • Presidio PE T-shirt - One t-shirt provided by Presidio PTSA
  • Presidio PE T-shorts - One pair of shorts provided by Presidio PTSA
  • Student’s FULL name: ​Last Name, First Name​ in 2-inch letters ​printed in black permanent marker on front of shirt and shorts in case of loss.
  • Athletic Shoes -  Comfortable & supportive (no sandals, heels or boots)
  • Spiral single subject notebook and PEN - Black or blue ink

Optional Items 

  • Sweatshirts - Round neck, no hood; any solid color, the Presidio PE logo sweatshirt is allowed
  • Sweatpants - Solid color

Replacement PE clothing can be purchased at the Presidio Shop,, for pick up before school, at lunch or after school.

Presidio Apparel

  • Shirt                                                        $15
  • Shorts                                                     $15
  • Sweatshirt                                              $25
  • Sweatpants                                            $25
  • Cinch bag   (for PE clothes)                  $5

Presido PE clothing can be purchased in the Student Store, or online here.

  • By Check - Please make your check payable to: Presidio PTSA and include Student’s name, PE Teacher, PE period/grade on memo section of check. 
  • With Cash - Place the exact amount in sealed envelope w/: Student’s name, PE Teacher, PE period/grade 


What is an AVID Binder at Presidio?

The AVID binder is a school-wide organizational tool to help students maintain notes and school work in one place. Students are expected to maintain a binder at all times.

Binder Contents:

2-3 inch binder

Zippered, hole punched pencil pouch with (at least) two pencils, two pens, and an eraser

Student planner

One subject divider for each of a student’s six classes:
Math, Science, English, Social Studies, Elective, PE

Behind each subject divider:
1)     Cornell Notes
2)     Returned work (Classwork/homework)
3)     Handouts/Resources
4)     Tests/Quizzes

Extra binder paper

Note: Once per grading period, evaluate what needs to stay behind each subject area divider so that students can file their work in a classroom or home-based portfolio as necessary.



As the weather starts to change, we would like to let families know about before school and lunch time rainy day procedures. For the safety of our students we ask for increased caution and extra patience as you navigate the increased traffic around school on rainy days. 


Before School

Students should enter through the gate on 29th Avenue and take shelter either in the breezeway or auditorium. 

During Lunch

The auditorium and gym will be open to students on rainy days. Teachers may choose to provide students with a pass to allow them to lunch in the classrooms; this choice is at teacher’s discretion.


This is just a reminder about appropriate costumes at school. Students are not allowed to wear face paint, masks or fake blood/gore.  All costumes must follow the school dress code and may not include any type of imitation weapon. If a costume causes a significant disruption to the learning environment, then a student may be asked to change their attire.

Halloween is not a holiday and the expectation is that teaching and learning will take place in the classroom like any other day. 

This page was last updated on August 2, 2022