Extended Calendar + Prop G Requests

Extended Calendar Requests (ECR)

Be sure to read the full guidelines & instructions:

SFSD's Guidelines & Procedures for Requesting Extended Calendar Hours - included as part of SFSD's overall Purchasing & Expenditures Guidelines.

  • Staff:   Extended hours should be approved before you work that time or there is no guarantee you will be paid for that time.
  • Supervisors/managers: find more info & resources on the landing page for Central Leaders.

Quick links for Extended Calendar Requests:

Prop G Professional Development

The Prop G/Fair Wage for Educators Act pays for 18 hours of Professional Development.

Employees enter Prop G hours as a Time Off Request in EMPowerSF. 

For more information, check out the EMpowerSF guide: Time Entry for Professional Development Hours


This page was last updated on June 2, 2023