Crisis Response Team (CRT) Resources

Crisis Response Team (CRT)

The Crisis Response Team (CRT) assists with restoring a school community to baseline functioning, in order to assist schools to return to normal routines as quickly and calmly as possible following a major disruption of the educational process. This may include deploying SFDPH clinicians and/or Central School Social Workers to provide direct services at school sites and/or supporting linkage to community resources as needed based on the assessed need. For individual student crisis support, please consult your School Social Worker or Wellness Coordinator.

The following events necessitate a coordinated school-wide response:

  • Death, Dying, & Loss
  • Community Violence
  • Natural Disaster  (flood, earthquake, fire, etc.)
  • Hate Crimes
  • Following an Intruder/Lockdown /Lockout
  • Suicide Attempt on Campus

Request School-Wide Crisis Support

  • First consult with your SSW / Wellness Coordinator if possible
  • Determine who from the site will contact the Crisis Response Team (CRT). Referral to CRT should be made by the site administrator or SSW / Wellness Coordinator.
  • Contact CRT Leads: Jason Finau,, and Michael Geier,
  • Inform LEAD about the crisis situation and referral to CRT if not done yet.

This page was last updated on February 23, 2024