Class Changes

Schedule Change Requests

Per protocol, schedule change requests  will only be granted for the following reasons:


- You are missing a class

- You have a repeat of certain subject  eg. 1st period Science & 3rd period Science

- Have an unscheduled period

- Were scheduled two classes per period e.g. 1st period Math & 1st period Science



    The following requests will not be granted:

    o   Friends are/are not in your class

    o   You’d rather have another teacher

    Parent/Student Concern + Request Change


    Per protocol, if there is an issue with a class and/or teacher, the following should take place: 

    • Student/Family reports concern to counselor
    • Student and Counselor attempt to plan, mediate and resolve
    • If concern persists, a meeting with parent and teacher should be held to clear any issues and/or misunderstandings.
    • The counselor checks in with the student 2-4 weeks after parent/teacher meeting to see if there needs to be further follow up. 

    This page was last updated on December 19, 2022