Downtown High School Presents Year-End Projects in Exhibition Series

Downtown High School Presents Year-End Projects in Exhibition Series

Published on May 16, 2023
Screenshot of theater students from Downtown High School video

ACT (Acting for Critical Transformation) students in a Downtown High School video

Students from Downtown High School, a school that focuses on project-based learning, will be presenting their year-end projects in exhibitions at the school, The Strand Theater, and SFMOMA from May 19 - 25. 

The ACT (Acting for Critical Transformation) project will perform monologues, scenes, step dances, and short plays on the topics of gender identity and expression at A.C.T’s Strand Theater. MADE (Making, Advertising & Designing for Empowerment) students will host book making and embroidery workshops as well as an interactive tour of an exhibit showcasing their artwork at SFMOMA. Student bands in the MARS (Music and Academics Resisting the System) project will perform cover and original songs.

The GOAL (Get Out and Learn) project will showcase student media projects based on goal setting followed by station rotations. Students from the WALC (Wilderness, Arts and Literacy Collaborative) project will share their Personal Landscape projects,

View the detailed exhibition schedule, and learn more about WALC and GOAL.

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