Completing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

MOU timelines & procedures.

Summer Hours:  

  • The Partnership office will be closed the week of July 15th -19th.

  • We will have limited access to email the week of July 29th - August 2nd.

Before you start an MOU:  Be sure to review the FAQs.

  • Note:  SFUSD will not enter into an MOU solely to distribute materials or publicity.  An MOU is applicable only to provide services at school site(s), for students, staff and/or families.
  • Check with the appropriate SFUSD contact to confirm interest and proposed sites to include on your MOU.  Please note that many staff transitions occur over the summer and this directory will updated multiple times through the early fall. 
  • Principals and many central office administrators are out over the summer, and will return in early August.   

General tips and resources:  

  • Review the FAQs and avoid these common Reasons MOUs are Delayed (The #1 reason for delays is the lack of required insurance: be sure to confirm your policy includes $2 million in aggregate for abuse and molestation.)
  • Identify the forms you need to provide services or programs at schools, including facility use permits.
  • See the process from getting started through approval by the Board of Education.  
  • Follow the timeline and deadlines for submitting MOUs.  Please note these deadlines are not flexible.  Be sure to allow at least one week for us to review and revise your proposed MOU if needed, before we send you the PDF ready for signatures.  
Image of table with deadlines

How does it work? FAQs, Step by Step guide, and tips to avoid delays.

Before you get started:

Read the FAQs to learn more about completing an MOU!  

Check with the appropriate SFUSD contact to clarify your services and proposed locations. 

Use these resources to avoid delays:

  1. Insurance certificate is missing required coverage - including $2 million in aggregate coverage for abuse and molestation.
  2. The program description doesn’t clearly explain how services will be provided, or contradicts other details in the form.
  3. MOU names an inappropriate SFUSD contact or administrator.

Confirm the status of an MOU

Check this list to clarify the term for an existing MOU (including when it will, or if it did, expire).

  • Check the tab for MOUs in Process to see which are pending approval by the Board of Education.
  • The list of MOUs includes links to the online platform to view details about services, including the locations!  
  • Here’s how to create a user account to see online MOUs, if you don't already have a user / member account.

Find PDFs of Executed MOUs:

  • Folders are organized by the Board of Education meetings where they were approved.

Programs funded by the Dept. of Children, Youth & Families (DCYF)

DCYF grantees need an MOU with SFUSD only to provide services at a school site, and the services are for students, staff and/or families from that site only.

  • Summer programs offered at an SFUSD school site, but that are open to the community & to students from any school, do not need an MOU.   (A Facility Use Permit is required!)

Read the FAQs with common questions for DCYF grantees.

Check out these scenarios for providing services & clarify which forms you'll need.

Be sure to review the overall FAQs for MOUs - to avoid common reasons MOUs are delayed

Adding / changing schools on an approved MOU

Service providers may add or change locations being served through an existing MOU (which does not require approval by the Board of Education). 

  • Request that change by submitting a “Case” to us through the online system.   
  • See the Step by Step Guide for detailed instructions on how to request changes to the locations on your MOU.

  Before you add or change locations for your MOU, be sure to check in with the SFUSD administrator who will need to approve the changes to your MOU.

Requesting Student Data?

Access to confidential student information is limited by federal law.  Be sure to read SFUSD's guidelines for sharing student data.

SFUSD's templates for parent/guardian consent, and for requesting student data (in multiple languages).

SFUSD template to request Directory Information for students/families.

Service providers who access student data must complete the Oath of Confidentiality (which service providers must keep on file)

COVID Safety Protocols

 COVID safety guidelines.

Resources for Navigating the Process

Know What You're Signing!

See what’s new with MOU terms for fiscal / school year 2024-25.

Read the standard MOU terms and conditions before you sign the MOU!

Forms you might need for programs or services at SFUSD schools.

Check this flow chart to identify other forms you might need when providing services at SFUSD schools.

image of flow chart for forms


Facility Use Permits

Review this flow chart to determine which permit(s) you need to use or provide services at SFUSD facilities

Learn more about using or renting SFUSD facilities

Apply for a Facility Use Permit through SFUSD's Real Estate office.


Providing Food and/or Beverages to Students & Families

SFUSD prioritizes the wellbeing of our students and their families!  Service providers must follow SFUSD's Wellness & Nutrition Guidelines when providing snacks, refreshments and meals.  

Organizations providing food and/or beverages to students more than once a week as part of their programs must complete this Food Providers Application.   


Videos to help you navigate the system

Here's the video from a "MOU How-To's" workshop on July 7, 2021 - including questions asked by participants.

Check out other short videos that show you how to:

  • Create an account in the new platform
  • Find existing MOUs and data about services provided by community partners
  • Get started on a new MOU.

This page was last updated on July 9, 2024