Completing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

Who needs a Memorandum of Understanding, or MOU?

Any organization or individual providing services at school to our students, staff or families needs a formal agreement with SFUSD ensuring you fulfill legal requirements that protect our students, your organization and the district on the whole.
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When services are provided free to the school or SFUSD, you need an MOU.

If the school pays for your services you need a contract with SFUSD.
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Fill out a standard MOU online, print & submit the hard copy.

Special MOU forms are needed for app-based or software services, dental services, and placing interns for credentialed positions.
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We have a new MOU system!

Over winter break we moved to a new platform for standard MOUs.

You'll use the new platform to view existing MOUs, create new ones, and track the status of your MOUs.

We moved data for all current MOUs to the new platform.

This new Step by Step Guide provides detailed information and examples to navigate the new online platform.

We'll offer optional monthly workshops to help you get started on the new platform.

All MOUs and contracts must be approved by the Board of Education.

Services can begin after your MOU is approved by the Board of Education.

Programs funded by the City’s Department of Children, Youth and Families

All DCYF grantees must complete an MOU or have a Contract with SFUSD.

Requesting student data?

Find SFUSD guidelines, and data request, consent & Confidentiality forms.

Before You Start

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Check to see if you have a current MOU.

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Contact SFUSD before you start your MOU.

signing contract

Know what you're signing: review MOU terms.

Fill out MOU online, print & sign.

Other Forms You Might Need

Accessing Student Data

Find guidelines & data request, consent and Oath of Confidentiality forms.

Facility Use Permit

If you'll provide services at a school outside the regular school day.

Providing Food and/or Beverages to Students

SFUSD's Wellness & Nutrition Guidelines

Get Connected

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Community Partnerships Network

Dozens of organizations and SFUSD staff participate in the Partnerships Network.
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Collaborate with other service providers.

See who is offering services at SFUSD schools.