SFUSD Surveys High School Students

SFUSD Surveys High School Students

Press Release

San Francisco (November 23, 2020) - The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is sharing a survey with high school students in order to learn more about their mindset and experience during distance learning. 

The 11-question survey will provide a snapshot of the experiences and social-emotional wellbeing of SFUSD high school students during distance learning. The feedback will help measure student wellbeing during COVID-19 closures. 

“Understanding the experiences of our students has always been vital to our district’s mission and core values,” said SFUSD Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews. “By hearing directly from our high school students about their distance learning experience, we can find more ways to support students during this time.”

SFUSD has previously reached out to hear directly from students and families about their experience during COVID-19. The district conducts quarterly wellness checks with families, which started in May. Last summer, the district issued a Family Distance Learning & Back-to-School Survey and held multiple Family Town Halls in English, Spanish and Chinese with feedback surfaced through a multilingual online platform called ThoughtExchange. 

SFUSD plans to issue another family survey in December to ask families again about their interest in returning to in-person learning. The last family survey conducted by SFUSD showed that families were divided in their preferences regarding whether or not they would send their child to in-person learning during the pandemic even if all public health guidelines were followed. The majority of families (59%) said they would send their child to a hybrid (part in-person, part online) while 38% said they would prefer online only for the fall. 

The survey for high school students opened on November 16 and will close on December 11. Students can access the survey using their username (i.e. studentusername@s.sfusd.edu) and through a QR code or surveys.panoramaed.com/sfusd. Translations of survey questions can be viewed by students, families, and staff at bit.ly/FallSEL2020.


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