Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

Upcoming Meetings

The Parcel Tax Committee has not yet reconvened for 23-24.

Once scheduled, meetings will be held in person at 555 Franklin St. on the third floor.

All agendas will be posted within 72 hours of their scheduled meeting time.

Committee Mission and Member Composition

The citizens of San Franciso have approved two parcel taxes designed to support the San Francisco Unified School District: the Quality Teacher & Education Act, Prop A, June 2008 (QTEA) and the Living Wage for Educators Act, Prop G, June 2018 (LWEA).

QTEA stated that "an independent oversight committee shall be appointed by the Board of Education to ensure that the proceeds from this proposition are expended for the purposes described in the proposition."Simliarly, LWEA stated that "the oversight committee created pursuant to Proposition A on the June 2008 San Francisco ballot shall, starting with the Act's first operative year, submit a report on at least an annual basis to the Mayor, Board of Supervisors and Board of Education evaluating whether the proceeds form the Act are being properly expended for the purposes set forth in the Act."

This committee has 9 positions (2 appointed by the Superintendent, 1 appointed by each of our 7 Board of Education Commissioners).

The current roster of committee members is available here.

Reports and Audits

Committee reports to Board of Ed / Annual Audit of Parcel Tax Usage

Annual Committee Reports or Presentations to Board of Education


Annual Audit of Parcel Tax Usage



Contact Information

Please direct all inquires to staff liaison Chris Armentrout at

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