18 Paid PD Hours for SFUSD Educators!

General Information


They are back! UESF certificated and classified educators (certificated bargaining unit members) will again have 18 Professional Development Hours per educator for the 20-21 SY. However there is a new fully virtual process so read on!

What Is The Purpose?

The Quality Teacher and Education Act (QTEA) was passed by voters in 2008 and is in effect until July 1, 2028. The proposition outlines usage as determined by voters. UESF and SFUSD have mutually agreed upon the specifics for implementation and accountability (see Original Proposition, UESF contract Appendix F,  UESF website). There are thus contractual and legal requirements for usage that are non-negotiable at the school site. With the passage of the Living Wage for Educators Act of 2018 (Prop G Parcel Tax or LWEA), the funding source for educator PD Hours has now shifted from QTEA to LWEA. However, LWEA is held up in court and QTEA continues to fund these hours. Given this confusion, we now refer to these hours as the “18 PD Hours” rather than by the funding source.

These Paid PD Hours are not meant to supplant site professional development (PD) or fund core PD that the site or the district is initiating. Rather, the 18 PD Hours are meant to differentiate, enhance, or customize learning for each individual (extend not replace site PD).

The UESF contract states that the goal of these funds is to have “continuing education decisions made at the school site and embedded into the site programs” (certificated contract p. 153; classified contract p. 94). The 18 PD Hours thus support educator learning needs in alignment with site PD initiatives. These hours are NOT meant to be used for one-off trainings or for PD that is disconnected from the site PD plan.

Who Qualifies?

UESF certificated and classified educators (certificated bargaining unit members) receive a TOTAL of 18 hours of paid professional development each school year. No educator can receive or use more than 18 hours in a school year. Qualifying educators include teachers, counselors, paraprofessionals, security aides, and a long list of other positions (see Qualifying Staff List). Administrators do NOT receive these hours. More specifics:

  • Part-time educators (FTE 0.2, FTE 0.5, FTE 0.7, etc.) receive the full 18 hours.
  • Para and teacher substitutes do NOT receive hours with exceptions as follows:
    • Core Teacher Subs and S-10 Core Para Subs DO receive hours.
    • Long Term Teacher Subs are eligible if they sub for the same teacher for 40 days consecutively, at which point they are placed on the teacher salary schedule and receive 18 hours.
  • Educators on paid leave and temporary educators also receive hours, eligible only while on active status.
  • Educators on sabbatical can NOT receive hours.
  • If an educator works at two sites, 18 hours are generally loaded at the site where the educator works most hours.

How Are PD Hours Paid?

  • Certificated Staff: $46 per hour
  • Child Development Program Teachers (Early Education): $35 per hour
  • Paraeducators: $22 per hour

Not Sure If You Have Hours Remaining?

  • Educators can view their 18 Paid PD Hours on their paycheck in the “leave balances”. The 18 PD Hours are called “Cont Ed”.  This will allow YOU to track your 18 hours. 
  • Your site/department clerk can look up your hours used/hours remaining. 
  • SFUSD has also developed a virtual tracker that ALL educators and their administrators/clerks can use to track and verify hours used and hours remaining here: https://bit.ly/PDindividualreport
    • Search by school or by educator name by using tabs at bottom.
    • Please note this individual report has inaccuracies that are currently being updated. If you see inaccuracies in your report, please submit a help ticket at bit.ly/SFUSDPDrequest.

New Process for School Year 2020-21

The info below is for the week of August 10-14, 2020.

For pre-service week, there are two ways to document hours:

  • If an educator attends one of SFUSD's pre-service institutes (NTO, DDD, Para Institute): Educators sign-in to each workshop/institute attended. All hours are compiled, and a report is sent (the week of August 17) to both the educator and the administrator(s) of total hours, to be passed along to the site secretary for immediate inputting.
  • If an educator attends site based professional learning or approved external PD: Educators must sign in using the SFUSD Record of Professional Learning & Development: https://bit.ly/PDdocumentation
    • List the dates/times of each professional learning event. 
    • This information is compiled and sent as a report during the week of August 17 to both the educator and the administrator(s) of total hours, to be passed along to the site secretary for immediate inputting.

After August 1, view educator PD hours: https://bit.ly/PDindividualreport 

  • Paraeducator Contractual 7 Hour PD Day: Most SFUSD paraeducators will be using their Contractual 7 Hour PD Day during pre-service week. See the information sheet for more info. During pre-service week, the process to document and input hours is identical to above (the process for the 18 PD Hours). Paraeducators will sign in and a report will be sent to educators/administrators the week of August 17. Site secretaries/administrative assistants will be instructed upon receiving the report to enter the first 7 hours toward the contractual PD Day, and any remaining hours toward the 18 PD Hours for that educator.

What educators submitting hours need to do? Make sure to sign in for any professional learning attended during the week of August 10-14! If attending an institute, sign in using the form provided. If attending at your school site or externally, use the general form: https://bit.ly/PDdocumentation


The info below is relevant after August 17, 2020 (FOR FULL 20-21 SCHOOL YEAR)


Every school site has an INDIVIDUAL FOLDER to hold all Personal PD Templates for the 20-21 School Year. 

  • Folders are shared with the site/department administrators and clerks by email.  
  • Clerks’ Steps to Follow:
    • Copy the Personal PD Template for each member of the school/department community that qualifies for 18 PD Hours in the folder.
    • Rename each template “Last Name, First Name, PD Template 20-21”. 
    • Share the personal copy with the member.
    • When new staff members are hired, create a template for them.



We recommend that each educator update their personal template with any PD Hours completed before August 17. See above if unsure what hours were used (“not sure if you have hours remaining?”). Moving forward, document all hours on this form. This will allow you, your supervisor, and your clerk to see your hours.


USING HOURS (AUGUST 17, 2020 - JUNE 2021)


  • Hours used at the pre-service institutes (hours before August 17) did not require pre-approval and were already inputted and paid by the site/department clerk. These hours should be entered manually on each educator’s personal template to allow for internal tracking of hours used/remaining.
  • For any hours moving forward (August 17, 2020 and beyond), hours must be PRE-APPROVED by your administrator. Be sure to communicate with your administrator BEFORE using any remaining hours. 
    • We recommend meeting at the start of the school year to co-develop a plan with your supervisor/principal, mutually agreeing upon use of your hours for the upcoming year and ensuring alignment with PD goals (site PD plan). Share your goals for professional growth and request PRE-APPROVAL to attend or engage in professional development that you believe is aligned with site PD goals and your own professional learning needs and interests. 



  • MANDATORY: You MUST sign-in for all professional development using one of the two methods below:
    • If you are -
      • attending PD at or with your school site (virtual meetings, collaborating with colleagues, etc.)
      • completing PD independently (reading, planning, etc.)
      • attending PD by an external organization or provider (conference, webinar, etc.)

then ensure you use the General form for PD completed: https://bit.ly/PDdocumentation. This will then automatically update the SFUSD tracker.

  • If attending PD through an SFUSD central office team (example: family engagement, math, etc.) ensure you sign-in using the sign-in provided at the professional development. This will then automatically update the SFUSD tracker.
  • ENCOURAGED: We encourage you to keep any other evidence of PD attended (agendas, emails, notices of completion, etc.) as additional verification.



  • Each educator will update their Personal PD Template within their site/department folder after completing pre-approved PD. They will then share the template (by hitting “share”) with their administrator(s) and clerk(s) when they utilize their hours.
    • Submit your template each month you use hours. 
  • The administrator will sign off approving the hours. After, they will “share” with the clerk.
  • The clerk will then enter the hours for pay, documenting the date entered on the template. (Payroll periods run from the 21st of each month to the 20th of the following month.) Clerks - see instructions below for inputting hours.

How To Use Your Hours Virtually

You may choose to engage in any of the following, so long as it occurs outside of contract hours/work hours:

  • Attending virtual professional learning at your site or department (outside of contractual hours).
  • Co-planning or collaborating with colleagues virtually (outside of contractual hours).
  • Professional reading (articles/books) or listening (audio/video). 
  • Attending webinars or online workshops. Watching education videos. Exploring SFUSD Google Classrooms.
  • Attending SFUSD professional development. Joining virtual book clubs, virtual PLCs, or virtual retreats. 
  • Taking unpaid classes online relevant to your job duties.
  • And so on...


Some helpful SFUSD links:

A reminder that you need to email your supervisor for PRE-APPROVAL before engaging in the above activities.

wait sign


Reminder that you need to email your supervisor for PRE-APPROVAL before engaging in the above activities.

Information for Principals & Supervisors


It is your responsibility to:

  • Inform qualifying educators at your site/department about their 18 PD Hours and stipulations for use
  • Co-develop plans that align with site/department PD plan with all interested qualifying educators 
  • Pre-approve and sign off on PD.
  • Ensure site secretary/payroll clerk is submitting hours monthly.



Work with educators to agree on a plan for utilizing 18 PD Hours.

Encourage usage of the hours (give regular reminders, track usage and personally follow up with educators).

Allow a staff or dept. team or an entire school/dept. staff to utilize their 18 PD Hours for the same PD or plan (assuming PD is voluntary, mutually-consented to, and in alignment with site plan).



Mandate that the hours are utilized. 

Dictate that the hours are used in a particular way.

Utilize 18 PD Hours for (non-PD) faculty meetings, business meetings, School Site Council meetings, ELAC meetings, or other committee meetings.

Inter-change 18 PD Hours for extended pay hours as they are paid at different rates (if staff have the same classification, it would not be equitable to provide some staff LWEA PD Hours and some staff Extended Hours for the same PD, as they would be paid at differing rates).

Guidance for Clerks Inputting Hours

Issuing Payment:

Step 1: Log into Timeroll - special credentials for this application and you must have remote access on your laptop/desktop during this period of Shelter-in-Place.


Step 2: Click on the hyperlinked words - Continuing Ed - Prop G Pay


Step 3: In the Continuing Education sub menu, select location [if necessary] and then in the line mistakenly identified as location select either Classified or Certificated.


Step 4: Click on 'Search'


Step 5: Review the employees names and select whichever ones attended the same event for the same amount of time on the same day. If the length of time or date differs, you have to add separately.


Step 6: Under Add New Time Record - Select the date from the calendar; the date must fall within the pay period. Then verify the code to be used for the payment. Include the # of Units (which means hours - whole hours, no fractions.) As to rounding up - ask your supervisor. In Comments provide a short description of the PD.


Step 7: Click on 'Add Record'


Repeat until all employees' hours are entered.


The hours can be viewed for accuracy in the regular employee Timeroll screen at the bottom of that page under - Continuing Ed - Prop A Day:



  • Contact Nora Houseman (see contact info below) if you have any questions about submitting hours or if an educator submits a late passport.
  • Contact your designated payroll specialist if you need support inputting hours (call 415-241-6114 and ask for specialist for your site/department).

Information for Central Departments Wanting to Offer LWEA PD Hours

You cannot guarantee 18 PD Hours as compensation for central professional development.

  • Interested educators may have already utilized some or all of their hours
  • Site supervisors may not consent to the use of 18 PD Hours for your PD, as it may not be aligned with the site PD plan
  • 18 PD Hours are voluntary and educators can choose whether to use their hours and for what PD to use their hours
  • 18 PD Hours must be mutually consented to in advance with the site supervisor - if this has not happened, participants may not receive the hours for attendance


Best practice: If you would like to offer 18 PD Hours as potential compensation then:

  • Ensure your professional development meets the criteria for 18 PD Hours (see above).
  • Advertise your PD as follows: “Unpaid professional development with option for paid compensation if participants choose to utilize their annually allocated 18 professional development hours and have pre-approval from supervisor to do so. 
  • At the PD, verbally remind participating educators to sign in to receive credit.


If you have questions or concerns regarding the 18 Paid Professional Development Hours,  please contact Nora Houseman at HousemanN@sfusd.edu