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Math Course Sequencing and Placement in San Francisco - March, 2019 - This brief shares information from the California Collaborative’s December 2018 meeting on understanding and addressing challenges in mathematics instruction and student learning. ​

Record-high number of SFUSD students enrolled in higher level math - 1/14/19 - New data show 10.4% more high school students taking advanced math courses in 2018-19 school year.

Quick look — SFUSD OER Curriculum - 12/25/18 - Brandon Dorman of Medium reviews the newly released SFUSD K–5 Math Curriculum. 

New math pays dividends in SF Schools - 10/29/18 - Op Ed in SF Chronicle, by Alan Shoenfeld and Jo Boaler - SF Schools made bold decisions about curriculum.

Don't Track Algebra 7/3/18 -  Robert Berry, the President of NCTM, applauds our de-tracking work and says: It's time to begin the courageous work needed to intentionally and systematically remove tracking's barriers and the associated instructional practices. Instead, we must move toward creating pathways for success in mathematics for each and every student.

San Francisco school finds key to raising math scores: Teacher training 7/3/18 -  Carolyn Jones - Describes  John Muir Elementary School math successes.

More SFUSD students ready for calculus 6/9/18 - Laura Rudnick - Medium More diverse SFUSD students are ready to take calculus.

Historic shifts in Math show promise - Students significantly more likely to pass Algebra the first time 9/14/17 Press release.

Why groupwork could be the key to English learner success: 2/23/17 - Katrina Schwartz - Teachers at SF International High School engage English Language Learners in rigorous learning using groupwork.

How A Strengths-Based Approach to Math Redefines Who Is "Smart" ​5/23/16 - Katrina Schwartz -KQED's Mind/Shift reports on the use of Complex Instruction to support students' beliefs in themselves as math learners.

Lesson Study: When Teachers Team Up to Improve Teaching
​5/25/16 - Katrina Schwartz - A report on Sanchez Elementary School's use of Lesson Study to improve Math.

Common-Core Algebra Seen as Tougher 
6/2/15 - LIana Heitin. Standards could challenge trend to put 8th graders in Algebra 1

Work to End Tracking and Offer Four Years of Meaningful Math Instruction April, 2019 - This case study of SFUSD's work to detrack mathematics is part of the Catalyzing Change publication from NCTM.

Why four years of high school math matters. 1/14/19 - SFUSD Superintendent Dr. Vincent Matthews discusses recent data from SFUSD about student success in college in this editorial in the Examiner.

SF schools move to delay algebra shows positive results, district says. 1/9/19 - Jill Tucker

How one city got math right. 10/9/18 / editorial - the Hechinger Report  - ​Jo Boaler, Alan Schoenfeld, Phil Daro, Harold Asturias, Patrick Callahan, and David Foster detail the changes made in SFUSD over the past five years and the results seen so far.

Unlocking Learning II: Math as a Lever for English Learner Equity. 3/2/18 - Report highlights how students learning English are faring in math classrooms across the state

A bold effort to de-track algebra shows promise. 6/12/18 - Stephen Sawchuk - Education Week,  discussion of the goals and implementation of the math course sequence.

Students create simulated roller coasters using algebraic equations
7/24/18 - Gavin Liang - Algebra 2 students held a “Polynomial Carnival” for preschoolers.

Putting it all together. 2017 - A case study from the Aspen Institute highlights how the SFUSD math curriculum integrates the development of students' academic, social, and emotional skills.

Encouraging students to make mistakes to improve math. 11/19/17 - Lizzy Hull Barnes - EdSource

New partnership announced between SFUSD Math and Science and TUVA. 6/1/17 - Press release - Tuva will partner with SFUSD for the 2017–18 School Year to help bridge the gap between math and science education.

SRI Report: Year 3 SFUSD STEM Learning Initiative Evaluation. 6/16 - Teresa Lara-Maloy and Elizabeth Christiano. SFUSD’s eighth grade students ahead of peers in other school districts when it comes to math performance.

KALW's City Visions: Are Common Core Test Results Cause for Alarm? 9/29/15 - Former Superintendent Carranza and Argonne teacher Kim Towsley

Other Math News

U.S. ranks No. 13 in new collaborative problem-solving test 11/17/17 - Jill Barshay - Hetchinger Report - American teens are much better at group collaboration than at individual academic work, according to PISA results. 

Mathematics Education Through the Lens of Social Justice: Acknowledgment, Actions, and Accountability 2016 - Position paper from TODOS defines a social justice approach to math education and provides recommendations for how to work toward that approach, including eliminating tracking.

You’re all ‘math people,’ but you just didn’t know it 9/28/17 - Jennifer L. Ruef,  San Francisco Chronicle. Here is what you can do to help your child with math: Listen to them. 

The 'boys are better at math' mindset creates gender gap in sciences 10/12/16 - CNN - Jo Boaler talks about the importance of the messages we send to girls about math.

Why Kids Should Use Their Fingers in Math Class 4/13/16 - Jo Boaler and Lang Chen - The Atlantic

Square Root of Kids’ Math Anxiety: Their Parents’ Help 8/24/15 - Jan Hoffman in the NY Times "Well" blog writes about how parents do (and don't) pass on their math anxiety to their kids. 

Memorizers are the lowest achievers and other Common Core math surprises  5/7/15 - Jo Boaler's Editorial in the Hetchinger Report

Why Do Americans Stink at Math?
- 7/23/14 - Elizabeth Green / NY Times
Describes how teacher-researcher Madeline Lampert replaces answer-getting with sense-making. 

Math and Mindset: Toss out those negative misconceptions we’ve cultivated that we’re not good at math. 7/9/14 - USA Today -  Kathy Liu Sun discusses three of the most damaging misconceptions about Math and ability.

The Power of Dots 7/1/14 - Keith Devlin discusses the distinction between old-style procedural mathematics and the 21st-century need for mathematical thinking.

The Stereotypes That Distort How Americans Teach and Learn Math
11/12/13 - Jo Boaler - The Atlantic

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