School Day Programs

Student Leadership

APG student government
APG student government using Robert's Rules of Order to conduct their business

APG Beacon promotes student leadership by offering volunteer opportunities, supporting students in leading lunch clubs, and through programs such as Jaguars for Justice, Student Government and Ladders of Leadership. We believe that by encouraging student leadership, we can support students in broadening and improving skills that they already have. Please reach out to Beacon Director, Beth Guy at for additional information.

Lunch Clubs

student lunch club

The Beacon Program offers multiple lunch clubs for APG students that support their academic enrichment, enhance their social skills, give them an opportunity to pursue new or existing interests and connect them with the school community. Please reach out to Lunch Club Coordinator, Cameron Gunter at for additional information.

Family Engagement

students at after school dragon presentation

The Beacon Program offers educational Family Workshops, and monthly Family Socials that are open to all of APG. These are a great way to build strong partnerships between families, the school, and the community. Please reach out to APG Family Liaison, Aileen Sar at for additional information.

Garden Education

APG garden club

The APG Garden hosts inquiry-based environmental education classes and a Garden Lunch Club during the school day as well as an After School project based learning club. We also offer community engagement opportunities for community members both during and outside of school time. Please reach out to Garden Coordinator, Sara Brown at for additional information.

students in APG garden planting
stduents in APG garden weeding
students in APG garden with chickens

This page was last updated on April 5, 2024