LGBTQ+ Visibility

Out for Safe School Badge

teacher badge that reads "out for safe school" with sfusd pride logo above and progressive flag below.

OUT for Safe Schools, a national campaign that aims to raise awareness of safe and supportive learning environments schools for LGBTQ students. Staff who wish to participate can wear these badges displaying their willingness to publicly identify as supportive LGBT adult allies on campus. This lets students know that “safe spaces” aren’t limited to the classrooms but extend to anywhere there is an adult who is wearing this badge.


Queertopia Contest Winners (2022)

In collaboration with the Queer Trans Advisory Council, LGBTQ Student Services organized a district-wide poster design contest. Winning designs were selected from Peabody and Sunset Elementary Schools, Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8, and Aptos Middle School.

Copies are available and can be requested.

student poster that reads love is love with a heart in the center and rainbows in the corners
Human written in 11 languages with a progressive flag on the top
Fantastical mountain village with various LGBTQ pride flags that reads "equality for all" in the corner
Two hands with LGBTQ flag tattoos hold hands in front of the golden gate bridge




Pride Series (2015)


LGBTQ pride district wide posterwear it with pride posterLGBTQ family pride poster

LGBTQ Pride Posters, designed for SFUSD by Innosanto Nagara, are available. See the links below to view larger versions of the posters to download, print and display. Printed copies may also be requested and mailed to your schools. 

Poster Contest Winners (2010)

 safe space poster with hillside image of SFSilhouette with rainbow hair safe space poster

Rainbow clasp hands with a globe in the background safe space poster.LGBTQ couple frame in a heart created by hands.

In 2010, LGBTQ Support Services held a district-wide poster design contest for students. Winning designs were selected from Harvey Milk Elementary, AP Giannini and James Lick Middle Schools, and Burton high school.

Printed copies are no longer available but you can download the images, print them, and display them in your classroom.

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