LGBTQ Liaisons

What are LGBTQ Liaisons?

Staff member leaning on lockers in a hallway.

Since 1989, LGBTQ Liaisons have led efforts around welcoming, safe, and supportive learning environments in middle and high school campuses across SFUSD. They are often classroom teachers, but can also be Social Workers, School Counselors, or Paras that have chosen to take on additional duties, such as:

Liaisons receive stipends for completing the required duties above and demonstrate a commitment to helping their schools be welcoming and supportive of LGBTQ students, and their families.

Funding for the LGBTQ Liaison program is made possible by grants awarded to SFUSD by the CDC Division of Adolescent School Health's HIV Prevention program and CDE's Tobacco Use Prevention & Education program. 

This page was last updated on October 16, 2023