Reports - Milestone/Entry


In SFUSD, reports are provided to support data-informed and inquiry-driven action planning. Reports are designed to empower and inform multiple stakeholder groups: Administrators, Teachers, IRFs, Social Workers, Families, and Counselors. 

Student-level reports are provided to families to  inform them of student progress toward mastery of content.


Students with assessment data in Illuminate as of February 24th, 2023 will have student reports available in ParentVue by March 3rd, in time for Parent-Teacher Conferences. 

View uploaded Student Reports in Synergy.

After the cut-off date, you may generate student-level reports for your students.

View samples of the Student Reports for KRI, K-2 Reading, K-2 Math, and ELA & Math for Grades 3-High School. In addition to English, reports are generated in Arabic, Chinese, Filipino, Spanish, and Vietnamese for families with the corresponding written language preference. 

Overview of Spring ‘23 Results in Illuminate

Purpose: View overall performance of class and breakdown by demographics and standards. NOTE: You will receive a pop-up message if no data has been entered for an assessment.


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