Distributing Fliers and Promotional Materials

Who can distribute promotional materials (including fliers or documents) at SFUSD?

Only nonprofit organizations or government agencies can distribute promotional materials that have a clear educational enrichment purpose at SFUSD. The district reserves the right to refuse any distribution request.

SFUSD does not accept promotional materials with any of the following:

  • Corporate promotion
  • For-profit advertising
  • Promotions for dances, parties, etc.
  • Educational materials that have not been reviewed and approved by Curriculum and Instruction or the Student, Family, Community Support Department
  • Content inconsistent with the mission or policies of SFUSD
  • Political materials, endorsements, walk-outs, demonstration notices, fundraisers, etc.
  • Recruitment of students or staff to an independent, charter or private school

How do I submit my flier for approval?

  • You need the 501(c)(3) number of your organization (government agencies are exempted) and federal tax ID# documentation for verification. 
  • A PDF of the flier or document you intend to distribute. The name associated with the federal tax ID number must appear and match the name or logo on the flier.
  • Access our online request form. You must answer questions 1-6.
  • Please allow up to 14 business days for staff review and processing. You will be notified of approval or rejection via email. Approval is valid for 90 days.

How do I distribute promotional materials at SFUSD sites?

  • Bring a print out of your stamped materials to show school site staff, as well as a copy of the email approving your distribution request.
  • To distribute the materials through SFUSD's Internal Mail System, complete the Request to Distribute Materials Form
  • Contact the Document Publishing and Distribution Center with distribution questions at dpdc@sfusd.edu. Tel: 415-355-6999

How do I request online announcements (OASIS, FAB, and newsletters) for staff, family, and student opportunities within the district?

  • When filling out our online request form and answer "7. Do you want to promote your event in OASIS and FAB?" with "Yes." You will then be asked for more details about your posting.
  • Please allow up to 10 business days for staff review and processing.  You will be notified of approval or rejection via email. 
  • OASIS announcements are for SFUSD staff. FAB announcements are for SFUSD families, students, and community members. Even if your request is included in OASIS, it may not be included in FAB.

What languages should my materials be in?

While we do not have requirements for third-party organizations, we strongly recommend that essential information for all SFUSD families be translated in Spanish, Chinese (traditional), Arabic, Samoan, Tagalog, and Vietnamese. 

Who can assist with distributing materials to school sites?

  • Please note that distribution is provided as a community service. SFUSD neither endorses nor sponsors any activity that is approved and reserves the right to deny any request. Approvals may take up to 10 business days to review.
  • Materials can be distributed to school sites via our Document Publishing and Distributions department for a small fee. Distribution forms with the breakdown of costs can be found in the Request to Distribute Materials Distribution form.
  • To contact the Document Publishing and Distribution Center, email dpdc@sfusd.edu or call 415-355-6999
  • Materials distribution FAQ

For the approval of textbook materials, please contact Textbook, Libraries, and Media Services at 415-469-4000 for review.

How do I submit an event to the SFUSD website calendar?

Fun fact: www.sfusd.edu receives over 100,000 unique visitors a month, and the calendar is one of the top 5 most visited links. Be sure to submit your event to the SFUSD Calendar at least two weeks in advance of the event. Relevant events are: 

  • Open to the public
  • Non-recurring
  • Run by SFUSD, a registered nonprofit with a current MOU with SFUSD, or government organization

How long does it take to process my request?

Please allow up to 10 business days for requests submitted online. You will receive a confirmation email once your request has been processed. Please refrain from sending duplicate requests as it may delay your process.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

Please contact the Communications Office at newsline@sfusd.edu or call 415-241-6565.

This page was last updated on August 7, 2023