9th-12th Grade (9-12) Spanish World Language

Description of Program

Students Served

  • All students

Language Instruction

Students are required to complete two years or 20 credits of a World Language, or demonstrate proficiency using another method to graduate from high school. Admission to UC/CSU requires two years (three years recommended) of study in the same World Language. Students should take the language sequentially without skipping a year between courses.


  • Ruth Asawa School of the Arts*
  • Balboa *
  • Burton *
  • Downtown 
  • Galileo*
  • Independence 
  • June Jordan
  • Lincoln*
  • Lowell**
  • Marshall
  • Mission**
  • O’Connell*
  • The Academy @ McAteer
  • Wallenberg
  • Washington*
  • Wells 

*Spanish offered to the 4th year or AP level 

**Spanish Language and Culture and Spanish Literature courses

For specifics about which languages are taught at which schools, please download the High School World Language Guide.


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