Kindergarten-5th Grade (K-5) Spanish Dual Language Immersion

Description of Program

Students Served

  • English Learners who are native Spanish speakers
  • Bilingual students who speak Spanish and English
  • English proficient students

Language Instruction

  • In Kindergarten, 80% instruction in Spanish, 20% instruction in English.  Instruction in Spanish decreases to 50% by 5th grade, with 50% of instruction in English.

Pathway Eligibility

  • Based on DLI research, district will assign an appropriate balance of students who are proficient in Spanish (2/3 to 1/2) and students who have not demonstrated proficiency in Spanish (1/3 to 1/2). To demonstrate proficiency, students must pass the Spanish language assessment. Applicants with a Home Language Survey response that matches the pathway language will be contacted by the Enrollment Center to schedule an assessment. Any family can contact the Enrollment Center within one week of submitting their application to request an assessment.


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  • Alvarado
  • Bret Harte
  • Buena Vista Horace Mann
  • Daniel Webster   
  • Dolores Huerta
  • Leonard R. Flynn
  • Marshall
  • Monroe
  • Paul Revere

Map of SFUSD schools with Spanish K-5 Dual Language Programs

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