Kindergarten-5th Grade (K-5) Spanish Dual Language Immersion

Description of Program

Students Served

  • English Learners who are native Spanish speakers
  • Bilingual students who speak Spanish and English
  • English proficient students

Language Instruction

  • In Kindergarten, 80% instruction in Spanish, 20% instruction in English.  Instruction in Spanish decreases to 50% by 5th grade, with 50% of instruction in English.

Pathway Eligibility

  • Based on DLI research, district will assign an appropriate balance of students who are proficient in Spanish (2/3 to 1/2) and students who have not demonstrated proficiency in Spanish (1/3 to 1/2). To demonstrate proficiency, students who indicate a language other than English on the home language survey are assessed in Spanish.


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  • Alvarado
  • Bret Harte
  • Buena Vista Horace Mann
  • Daniel Webster   
  • Dolores Huerta
  • Leonard R. Flynn
  • Marshall
  • Monroe
  • Paul Revere

Map of SFUSD schools with Spanish K-5 Dual Language Programs

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