K-8 Spanish Dual Language Immersion

Description of Program

This program is offered at Buena Vista Horace Mann Community School (Grades K-8).  Detailed information can be found on the Buena Vista Horace Mann Community School website.

Students Served

  • English Learners

  • Bilingual students

  • English proficient students

Language Instruction

  • In Kindergarten, 80% instruction in Spanish, 20% instruction in English.  Spanish instruction decreases to 50% by 5th grade.

  • Students in the middle grades take Spanish language arts and Spanish social studies each year.

K-5 Pathway Eligibility

  • The district will assign an appropriate balance of students who are proficient in Spanish and students who have not demonstrated proficiency in Spanish. To demonstrate proficiency, students who indicate a language other than English on the home language survey are assessed in Spanish.

Students who wish to enroll in the 6-8 Secondary Dual Language Pathway (SDLP) must meet one of the following requirements:

  • General Ed students who passed 6th grade Spanish Immersion placement test at the Educational Placement Center

  • K-5 Spanish Biliteracy students rising to 6th grade

  • K-5 Spanish Dual Language Immersion pathway students rising to 6th grade

This page was last updated on March 4, 2020