Peer School-to-School Fundraising Program

Spark Equity

As the official fundraising arm of San Francisco Unified School District, Spark SF Public Schools believes that the power of partnership is essential to ensuring that each and every child in SFUSD receives the quality instruction and equitable support required to thrive in the 21st century.

Knowing the positive impact PTA fundraising can have on a school, and with the understanding that not every school in SFUSD has a PTA, over the past two years Spark piloted a successful peer-to-peer fundraising model for schools to raise funds for a partner school other than their own.

To promote awareness of the program and support successful partnerships, Spark has developed several tools and resources for schools, including, a step-by-step program playbook, a case study about a recent successful fundraising collaboration between two SFUSD schools, along with FAQs and an article telling the story of why the program was created.

As we have seen throughout the pilot years of the program, the power of partnership cannot be underestimated. From the communities that have participated so far, the common thread throughout is a desire from parents to help other parents, principals to support their fellow principals, and everyone is strong in their commitment to the district's students, teachers, and school communities.

We hope that you will join Spark SF Public Schools in our commitment to equity across SFUSD by participating in the Peer School-to-School Fundraising Program!


This page was last updated on September 2, 2022