Student Government

Three Branches of Student Government

Student Advisory Board

  • Leaders of all clubs on campus
  • Meets once a month
  • Forms, approves, and funds all on-campus clubs and student organizations

Student Senate

  • 16 students total (8 chosen by reps, 8 chosen by popular vote)
  • Once a week
  • Makes and approves school policies; vetoes Student Council; removes and approves members of SC

Student Council

  • 12 students total: (3 Presidents, 3 Representatives, 3 Senators, 3 Advisors)
  • Once a week
  • Runs school events, fundraise, meet with teachers and administrators, run elections, organize service points and community involvement, lead student body
  • Presidents and VP’s: Run Student Council, make decisions about class trips, lunchtime activities, assemblies, policies, student-led changes to school policies (think service points, dress code, etc.), and work with admin/teachers on behalf of students.
  • Senators: Veto or approve Student Council decisions, communicate between Student Council and students at school, make decisions about how Student Government works, helps carry out student activities and plans.
  • Each student votes for: 1 President / Vice President (your grade) and 8 Senators (any grade)

This page was last updated on June 3, 2021