Fourth Grade Teachers


I was born and grew up in the beautiful southern city of Guangzhou, China. My mother and fa- ther labored arduously to send me to college at a very young age. I was so proud to be able to go to college because at that time many did not have the opportunity. I quickly discovered I had an enormous passion for learning. I was very dedicated to my studies, and my instructors and professors at the university took notice of my exceptional dedication. I was soon offered a posi- tion as an associate professor teaching literature in the college. I am gifted with a special pas- sion for learning, and I am always looking for the most advanced knowledge even if it's not easy.

I shared my passion for learning with my students, and still to this day I receive correspondence from them. I now feel it is an honor to bring my passion and dedication for learning to the United States. I am excited to be a second grade teacher at Chinese Immersion School at De Avila. I can share my gifts and tal- ents with the students and together we can create a better and more responsible world for all. I hope my efforts will leave a positive and lasting influence on our community.

In my spare time, I love to exercise. My favorite sports are badminton, tennis, Ping-Pong and hiking. I also love calligraphy and hope to share this hobby with our students!


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Ms. Bobby Singh. I recently moved to San Francisco (again) from Los Angeles, where I taught 5th grade for many years at a high performing elementary school in Bel-air. I come to CIS with 13 colorful years of teaching experience both in middle and elementary school. I was born and raised in Texas, and I completed my undergraduate studies at Texas A & M, and my masters at San Francisco State University. I enjoy reading, running half marathons, finding a great latte, spending time with my family, and exploring new cities through travel.

My philosophy of teaching is that all children can learn if given the right opportunities. I strive to provide an atmosphere that is safe, encouraging and full of chances for discovery, growth and practice. I have high expectations for all of my students because I believe that if I set the bar high, students will reach for it. I am aware that each child enters the classroom with unique experiences, backgrounds, talents and skills. I do my best to meet each child where they are and challenge them to grow to the next level of development.

Lastly, I want you to know I love my profession and I care very much for your child. My main interest is to do what is best for them. I look forward to getting to know both you and your child as we learn and grow together throughout the semester! Please feel free to contact me at anytime, I am here for you.


Greetings to you!  I am Sandy Ma, one of the second grade teachers.  I am a native Chinese speaker born in Macao.  In 1996, my family and I immigrated to California.  Being a Chinese immigrant, I was and still am proud to speak dual languages.  After teaching many years at a Chinese school and tutor center, my passion of sharing and educating the new generations in Chinese language and culture has developed.  It also brings me joy to work with children and to be a part of their growth.

After I graduated from Concordia University of Irvine and got my teaching credential from San Francisco State University, I was ready to start my teaching career.  This is my third year of teaching as a classroom teacher.  I have taught 2nd grade and kindergarten classes at a private school for the previous years.  However, teaching Chinese has always been my dream.  I am blessed to be able to each in Chinese Immersion School.

I am looking forward to working closely with you and your children as they continue in their learning journey.