Third Grade Teachers


Hello Families and Guardians,

My name is Yi Huang and I immigrated to the United States in my teenage years. I attended Francisco Middle School, George Washington High School in SFUSD and then completed my bachelor's degree at San Diego State University. Recently, I obtained a Master of Arts in Elementary Education and Multiple Subject Credential with bilingual authorization from San Francisco State University. I am fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Prior to joining the CIS family, I worked as a summer camp counselor in Japan and Italy. This unique experience abroad established my love of working with children. I worked as an Afterschool Site Coordinator at Chinese Education Center (now called Edwin and Anita Lee Newcomer School), where I discovered my passion of working with elementary students and therefore continued along this career path.

Besides teaching, I enjoy exploring nature, traveling, and crafting. I believe teaching is a rewarding profession that is filled with endless a-ha moments and sparkling eyes when curiosity ignites. I look forward to being a part of the CIS family!


I was born and raised in San Francisco and am a product of SFUSD’s public school system. I attended Miraloma Elementary, Aptos Middle, and Lowell High. Growing up with immigrant parents meant learning Chinese was not optional for me. My sisters and I were expected to know English but also master Chinese. My parents relied on us to be their translators because they did not speak or read English, so the only language allowed to be spoken at home was Chinese. Learning Chinese seemed like a chore when I was young, but as I got older, I felt accomplished for knowing another language. In high school, I took Mandarin Chinese because I wanted to understand the main dialect spoken in China. My interest in learning Chinese grew as I went on to college majoring in Chinese. I am fluent in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

I have been volunteering and student teaching at CIS since 2011 and am very excited to OFFICIALLY be a part of this great family!


Greetings to you!  I am Sandy Ma, one of the third grade teachers.  I am a native Chinese speaker born in Macao.  In 1996, my family and I immigrated to California.  Being a Chinese immigrant, I was and still am proud to speak dual languages.  After teaching many years at a Chinese school and tutor center, my passion of sharing and educating the new generations in Chinese language and culture has developed.  It also brings me joy to work with children and to be a part of their growth.

After I graduated from Concordia University of Irvine and got my teaching credential from San Francisco State University, I was ready to start my teaching career.  This is my third year of teaching as a classroom teacher.  I have taught 2nd grade and kindergarten classes at a private school for the previous years.  However, teaching Chinese has always been my dream.  I am blessed to be able to each in Chinese Immersion School.

I am looking forward to working closely with you and your children as they continue in their learning journey.