Quick facts


Daniel Webster teaches the California state core curriculum and offers two distinct language pathways: English Language Development and Spanish Immersion.

Dress code

We have a uniform policy that consists of navy blue pants or skirts, white or navy blue shirts and navy blue sweaters. Students may also wear Daniel Webster school t-shirts.

School enrollment

We are an intimate school of 345 students in K-5 grades.

  • K-3: There are two Spanish Immersion classes and one General Education class per grade K-3.
  • 4-5: There is one Spanish Immersion class and one General Education class of combined 4th/5th grades.

Classroom size

  • Grades K-2: Maximum of 22 students.
  • Grades 3-5: Typically 20-25 students.


Transportation options

Check the full school district bus schedule.


In addition to our academic programs Daniel Webster integrates a number of enrichment classes for our students ranging from arts to local field trips for the lower grades and more distant trips for the upper grades.



This page was last updated on October 25, 2021