SEL and Wellness

SEL and Wellness Programs

Whole class instruction

Social Emotional Learning is an integral part of a child's education. In the classroom, teachers integrate mindfulness and social emotional teaching points through out the day. Additionally teachers are provided access to an SEL curriculum, Second Step, where students receive direct instruction on problem solving, regulating emotions, and growth mindset. The Mosaic Project is an additional boost to our SEL curriculum as it connects our social emotional lives to spreading peace in our world. Beyond the 5-day camp experience that 5th graders go on, teachers continue to teach the Mosaic values throughout the year. All 5th graders have the opportunity to become Peace Ambassadors and teach the younger students the lessons they’ve learned. 

SEL concepts provide an extra dimension to education, focusing on improving cooperation, communication, and decision-making. In a world where emotional intelligence is critical for lifelong happiness, successful careers, and healthier relationships, SEL gives students a framework for developing these skills.

Small group instruction

Throughout the year our Social Worker and SEL Coach pull small groups of students to build relationships and develop their social emotional skills. These groups are aimed to help students make diverse friendships and to help them be leaders in their classrooms. 


Mindfulness is a research-based approach that supports students in building skills for attention regulation (focus and concentration) and emotional regulation. Mindfulness means paying attention in the present moment to our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, or surrounding environment. It also includes the intentional nurturing of positive states of mind such as empathy and kindness.

Studies find that learning mindfulness benefits students in terms of improved attention, emotion regulation, behavior in school, empathy and understanding of others, social skills, test anxiety, and stress. Mindfulness helps students and teachers/staff learn to take a pause when they feel upset or overwhelmed, during which thoughtful responses can replace impulsive reactions.

Since 2015, the Daniel Webster community has embarked on a journey to bring mindfulness into their classrooms and school community. Through teacher training opportunities and professional development and lessons taught by our SEL Coach and classroom teachers to all students, we strive to weave mindfulness practices into the fabric of our community to support the whole child, whole teacher and whole family.





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