Designated ELD

English Language Development (ELD)

ELPAC Proficiency Guidelines

English Learners rely on structure, routine and planned supports to help them be fully engaged in their learning. At Daniel Webster we provide this to language learners through a Designated ELD (English Language Development) class time, and an integrated approach to learning English during other content lessons. All EL students receive at least 30 consecutive minutes of Designated ELD instruction per day and Integrated ELD across content areas throughout their instructional day.

The purpose of Designated ELD is to provide language focused instruction for English Learners that builds into and from content instruction in which ELs develop critical language skills, knowledge, and abilities needed for content learning in English. Designated ELD is invaluable instructional time that ensures that English Learners develop higher levels of English and develop skills for academic success. With integrated ELD, think language, but not language in isolation, rather language that comes from the content, that is integrated in our curriculum, and most importantly using and learning language for a motivating and rigorous purposes.

Daniel Webster students engage in learning experiences that are hands on, supported both linguistically and visually to meet students where they are in their language abilities. Students experience multiple opportunities to develop reading, writing, listening and speaking skills through carefully planned lessons that engage and motivate students to participate in academic conversations around the school.

Helpful Links for Families with English Learners

EL's Road to Reclassification

An important goal for English Learners is achieving reclassification; transitioning from EL to RFEP. This link above gives you access to current SFUSD policies and processes for reclassification.

ELPAC Parent Guide

Part of the reclassification process is earning a proficient score on the ELPAC exam. The link above gives parents an overview of this assessment; how it works and how to prepare your child for this exam. 


EL's journey to reclassification

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