Special education

Special Education

Special education is instruction specifically designed to address the educational and related developmental needs of children with disabilities. This includes early intervention services for students with Individual Education Plans, instruction is based on the core curriculum. The IEP team at Daniel Webster documents modifications and/or accommodations/adaptations, teaching strategies, as well as other support systems that may help the student.

At Daniel Webster we have a team of special educators who provide daily services to students in our learning resource center that hosts students who receive speech, academic, and social emotional services throughout the school day. Our special education team also provides direct services to students who have an IEP inside the classroom using an inclusive approach to learning inside the general education classroom.

Special Education Team:

Resource Specialist Teacher - Sofia Gonzalez-Dyer - gonzalez-dyers@sfusd.edu

Resource Specialist Teacher - Ginger Wilson - WilsonG@sfusd.edu

School Psychologist - Dina Shrestha - shresthad@sfusd.edu

Speech-language Pathologist - Julia Nemchuk - nemchukj@sfusd.edu

Occupational Therapist - Paige Bettencourt - bettencourtp@sfusd.edu

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