Weekly Club Calendar

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Weekly Club Calendar 2022-2023









High School Math Club

Sponsor: Abernethy


Anime Club

Sponsor: Tran

Location: 216

Black Student Union

Sponsors: Calloway, Hearne, Harris, Stewart, Abernethy, Seu

Location: Room 127 

Arts & Crafts Club

Sponsor: Pillsbury

Location: Room 115

Badminton Club

Sponser: Mr. Chen



Knit & Crochet Club

Sponsor: Ujiie

Location: 184

Newspaper Club

Sponsor: Steneck

Location: 307

Book and Graphic Novel Club

Sponsor: Lai

Location: Library, every other Wed

Dance Club

Sponsor: Schwartz

Location: Dance Studio

Dungeon & Dragons Club

Sponsor: Steneck

Location: 307


Musical Theater Appreciation

Sponsor: Gin

Location: 223

No Fight Fight Club

Sponsors: Land, Marcouiller, Pillsbury

Location: Room 204

K-Culture Club

Sponsor: Kim

Location: Room 323

Diversity Club

Sponsor: Hensler

Location: 183

Filipinx Club

Sponsors: Pengosro, Francisco

Location: 314 and others

Every other Friday


My People Club

Sponsor: Soto

Location: Family Center

Wellness Outreach Workers Leadership Club

Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer

Location: 127

Poly Club

Sponsor: SCDC

Location: Mellow Yellow (84)

Social Club

Sponsor: Pursel

Location: Room 100

La Raza Club

Sponsor: Ms. Diana

Location: 127


Yoga & Mindfulness Club

Sponsor: Soraida

Location: Dance Studio


Video Game Club

Sponsors: Crnich, Furr, Romano

Location: 218, 2nd/4th Weds


RAICES Young Women’s Support 

Sponsor: Beacon/Mission Neighborhoood Center

Location: 84 (Mellow Yellow)



Samoan Mentor Club

Sponsor: Faataui

Location: 16 (in Cafeteria)


Risk Tournament

Sponsor: Lakritz

Location: Room 200


Yearbook Club

Apply to Gin; invitation only

Location: 223, Every other Wed


Soccer Club

Sponsors: Carrion, Moar

Location: South Gym


Must sign-in to Beacon.


Breaking Club

Sponsor: Zeng

Location: Room 180


Filipinx Club


Club List

Club List SY 22-23


Anime Club

Want to watch anime at lunch? Come to Anime Club! Each week we'll vote on a show or movie to see.

Sponsor: Dr. Tran 

Tuesdays at lunch, Room 216


Arts & Crafts Club

A space for students to come together to create. Students can participate in the craft activities planned or work on their own projects.

Sponsor: Ms. Pillsbury

Thursdays at Lunch, Room 115


Black Student Union

Learn about the culture and experiences of the African American/ Black community. A place to congregate in a safe space to express how you feel as a student of color at Denman.

Sponsor: Mr. Calloway, Ms. Roy, Ms. Mariah, Mr. Stewart, Seu, Ms. Abernethy

Wednesdays at Lunch, Room 127


Book and Graphic Novel Club

Gather to talk about books they are reading; read one book in common

Sponsor: Ms. Lai

Every other Wednesday at Lunch, Library


Breaking Club

This is an open session club and that means you are free to practice whatever you want. However, if you want I can teach you a couple bboy moves if you want to get started

Sponsor: Mr. Zeng

After School Wednesdays, Dance Studio (180)


Dance Club
Join us for Tik-Tok dances, group choreography and a space to dance it out!

Sponsor: Ms. Schwartz

Dance Studio (180)


Diversity Club

Make Denman a safe and supportive space for everyone, including gay, lesbian, bi, trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming students. We work to end bullying and celebrate the individuality and diversity of Denman students of all cultures, abilities and identities. Discuss current events, politics and beliefs, share cultures, learn LGBTQ+ history, and make a difference! 

Sponsor: Ms. Hensler 

Thursdays at lunch, Counseling Annex (183)


Dungeons & Dragons Club: 

Come play Dungeons and Dragons with your favorite Dungeon Masters and friends!

Sponsor: Ms. Steneck

Fridays at lunch, Room 307


Filipinx Club

A gathering of Filipinx-identified people and their allies. All are welcome. We celebrate and honor our community and heritage with history lessons, cooking recipes, and overall fun and fellowship. 

Sponsors: Mr. Francisco, Ms. Pengosro

Every other Friday at lunch, Room 314


Friendship Club

A place to come play interactive games and meet new friends.

Sponsor: Ms. Silva 

Time and Location TBD


High School Math Club

Come learn high school math!

Sponsor: Ms. Abernethy

Mondays at lunch, Room 206


K-Culture Club

Are you into K-pop or K-drama? Would you like to spend your lunchtime with others who enjoy it as much as you do? Come join the K-culture Club! Hwan-young-hap-ni-da (welcome)!

Sponsor: Ms. Kim 

Wednesdays at lunch, Room 323


Knit & Crochet Club

Do you knit or crochet? Do you want to learn? Do you want to just hang out somewhere fun and relaxing for lunch? Join the knit & crochet club!

Sponsor: Ms. Ujiie

Monday at lunch, Room 184


La Raza Club

La Raza Club is a group of students that come together to get to know one another and share each other’s culture and embrace each other’s self-ethnicity.

Sponsor: Ms. Diana 

Friday at lunch, Room 127


Musical Theater Appreciation Club

Do you enjoy musical theater? We will spend our time watching different musicals.

Sponsor: Ms. Gin

Mondays at lunch, Room 223


My People Club

Inclusion and community! Also, learning to face paint :)

Sponsor: Ms. Rocio Soto

Monday at lunch, Family Room


Newspaper Club 

Reporters, Photographers, Editors, come one come all, and report to work on your school newspaper, The Denman News Paper. Report on school events like sports and clubs, world events and social issues, inform us about all the important things we should be paying attention to in the world. Create a new newspaper once a month.

Sponsor: Ms. Steneck

Tuesdays at lunch, Room 307


No Fight Fight Club

The No Fight Fight Club is a community dedicated to violence prevention and conflict resolution. Our meetings are held once a week and are open to everyone. During meetings we will talk about different ways to solve problems peacefully as well as have time for crafts, video games, board games and other community activities.

Sponsor: Ms. Marcouiller, Ms. Land, Ms. Pillsbury and Ms. Hensler

Tuesdays at lunch, Room 204


Poly Club
Sponsor: SCDC

Wednesdays at lunch, Mellow Yellow (84)


RAICES Young Women’s Support Group

Real Arriving Issues Creating Empowered Students facilitated by Mission Neighborhood Center provides a safe space for young women and female identifying students to build sisterhood and community by talking about unique and similar experiences as women. Topics includes: Self- Care, Sisterhood, Violence Prevention, Self-Love and much more.

Sponsor: Mission Neighborhood Center

Fridays at lunch in the Mellow Yellow (84)


RIsk Tournament 

Students will learn to play the board game RISK and play a tournament throughout the semester.

Sponsor: Mr. Lakritz

Fridays at lunch, Room 200


Samoan Mentor Club

To inform the Samoan students about the different resources available to Pacific Islanders and families

Sponsor: Mr. Faataui

Every other Wednesday at lunch, Room 16 (in the Cafeteria) 


Soccer Club

We play friendly and organized soccer in the gym on Fridays after soccer season.

Sponsors: Mr. Moar, Mr. Carrion 

Fridays at lunch, South Gym


Social Club

Come hang out inside during lunch. We'll be playing games, watching movies, and being social!

Sponsors: Ms. Pursel

Thursdays at Lunch, Room 100


Video Game Club 

Love video games? Want to meet people that play them too? Come to video game club! Tournaments will be held periodically throughout the year! Prizes for first place winners!

Sponsor: Mr. Crnich, Mr. Romano, Mr. Furr

2nd/4th Wednesdays, Room 212


Wellness Outreach Workers
Leadership Club

We are looking for motivated student leaders to promote healthy activities for Denman Students. We will meet weekly on Tuesday to plan healthy lunch time activities, presentations for advisory to promote a healthy school community. Students will be able to choose the topics we focus on, but may include healthy relationships, addressing bullying, dental health, recycling, tobacco and vaping.

Sponsor: Ms. Jennifer

Tuesdays at lunch in Room 127


Yearbook Club. 

The yearbook club is responsible for creating the school yearbook. You must apply to be considered for the club.  Club membership is by invitation only.

Sponsor: Ms. Gin 

Wednesdays at lunch, Room 223

Yoga & Mindfulness Club. 

Sponsor: Ms. Soraida 

Mondays at lunch, Dance Studio (180



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