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SFPL Summer Stride Program 2021


California Young Reader Medal Nominees & Winners
Slides Decks with book summaries of the SFUSD Summer Reading Lists:

May 18, SFPL will email each SFUSD student with their Scholar Card and Summer Stride invitation. Registration begins June 1st!

💌 May 21-25, students will receive the Activity Tracker and SFUSD Booklist in the mail.


📣 Use this deck for information about Summer Stride. SLIDE #11 IS ABOUT 10 FREE BOOKS for each student- more information to come in June. 


SFUSD-SFPL Summer Reading lists are available in Bibliocommons:


📚 Learn more about SFPL reopening and library services. Main Children’s Center is open for browsing! Mission Bay and Chinatown branches open for browsing next week! 

EXCELSIOR LIBRARY OPENS JUNE 22 for Browse and Bounce.



No one returns from the Enchanted Forest- book cover


Bix and Pella are goblin sisters with very different dispositions. Bix is a worrywart who is most content when she's home knitting. Her little sister, Pella, is an impetuous thrill-seeker who is always getting in trouble. When Pella's thirst for adventure leads her into the enchanted forest - a strange and dangerous place that no goblin has ever safely returned from - Bix is forced to leave her comfort zone to save her. Along the way she encounters a friendly tree troll, powerful elemental demigods, and countless hungry monsters looking for a goblin to snack on. In the end, Bix learns even a worrywart can become a hero.

We're looking forward to talking to Robin Robinson about "NORFTEF" on Sunday, June 27th at 10 am PST via livestream, and we hope you're able to watch (and ask questions!) by following this link: https://youtu.be/RxTcrWUw-gE If you have questions, we'll try to get as many of them asked for you as we can, so feel free to email me to put yours in the queue, or use the chat feature during the stream.

Enjoy the book, and we'll talk to you again next month, and, please, stay healthy, WASH YOUR HANDS, be a hero and wear a mask when you're outside of home (your grandparents will thank you!), and READ MORE COMICS!!!!
We'll talk to you again next month, and, please, stay healthy, WASH YOUR HANDS, be a hero and wear a mask when you're outside of home (your grandparents will thank you!), and READ MORE COMICS!!!!

You can join us on the livestream (though, please kids, ALWAYS make sure it is OK with your adults before you go clicking any links!) on YouTube here:  -- depending on what you use to access that link, you should be able to ask questions that we'll read on air for you as well.  Or, you can watch the conversation afterwards!  Either way we sure hope you join us, though!

Library card barcode and....

How to open your student email, how to find the SFPL email with the library card info in it, how to set up a new Hoopla account and a short orientation of Hoopla.


English- https://youtu.be/bpdx-Pty4qE

Spanish- https://youtu.be/SYW5cOY2suw

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Time Capsule


Francisco Park Time Capsule

Francisco Park is opening this summer and we are looking for input to celebrate and acknowledge this unprecedented time.  Francisco Park invites you and your students to be a part of history by sharing reflections on life over the past year. Selected submissions will be placed in a time capsule, dedicated summer 2021, and reopened 50 years later in 2071.  Imagine the excitement of your students sharing with their children and grandchildren what life was like during this unprecedented time! 

Below please find the instructions and tools to participate.  We want this to be a fun, and (hopefully) easy project that you can do with your students.  The website  

(https://franciscopark.org/time-capsule/  )

should be self-explanatory, but in addition, please find a general summary and instructions below.  In the event you have any questions, please submit them to timecapsule@franciscopark.org .  Submissions will be subject to the provisions on the FPC website.

1.     Link to Time Capsule Submissions: Time Capsule | Francisco Park, San Francisco CA   
a.     Submittals can be made directly by students or uploaded by a teacher (select Student or Teacher).  Participation requires compliance with the provisions of 4: Privacy and School Compliance, below. 
b.     Student information:  First name (only), Age, Grade
c.      Submissions due by May 28, 2021 

2.     Questions/Submittals:
a.     Three general questions for students:  (i) What item would you want to include in the time capsule to represent modern-day life in San Francisco today? Why?, (ii) Specific questions for different age ranges (Pre-school, K-3, 4-8, High-school), (iii) predictions for the future.   
b.     Please encourage your students to be creative! Student submissions may be products of a prior, current, or future lesson plan. Submissions may be written responses to the sample questions on the landing page and typed in as simple text, or work can be uploaded taking the form of any genre—essay, poem, story, article, short graphic novel, etc.), photographs, essays, poetry, artwork.
c.      Individual uploads should be no larger than 5MB