Common Core State Standards

Preparing our young people for the world of tomorrow means equipping them with the knowledge and skills today that they will need to succeed in the workforce. To do that, we need to update our goals for--the Common Core Standards help guide us in this work. They are a set of learning goals that work grade-by-grade, step-by-step toward what modern careers and colleges expect, so that when students graduate, they are ready for college, ready for work—ready for life.

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English Language Arts

Longfellow has a Balanced Literacy approach to teaching and learning language using a set of literacy practices that support children’s literacy skills by meeting their needs and interests. It is modeled after current research based effective literacy instruction,  demonstrating the importance of developing oral language, broad vocabulary and background knowledge to promote strong writing skills and motivation to read and write, through the gradual release of responsibility. Our goal is that students will enjoy reading, writing and communicating. 

Curriculum components include:

  • Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Word Work and Interactive Read Alouds.
  • whole-group, small-group and individual instruction.
  • instructional sequences that align to the Gradual Release of Responsibility (I do, we do, you do), scaffolding/modeling, guided practice, independent practice
  • anchor charts, leveled classroom libraries, daily student reading and writing
  • differentiated instruction by strategy or grouping to address the diversity of learners’ needs
  • assessment based instruction

English Language Development

Longfellow recognizes the cultural and linguistic richness our students bring to the classroom, and we strive to build on these assets to serve our diverse student population by: 

  • Supporting the academic success of English Language Learners (ELL) with targeted instruction
  • Providing language pathways that will raise student achievement in content areas
  • Preparing students for the 21st century economic, political, cultural, and intellectual global society by providing Designated and Integrated ELD programming that is designed to lead to proficiency in English. 

Resources for Families of English Language Learners:


SFUSD works continuously toward our vision that all students will make sense of rigorous mathematics in ways that are creative, interactive, and relevant in heterogeneous classrooms. 

Signature strategies include:

  • Math Talks
  • Three Read Protocol
  • participation quiz/ group feedback


The natural-born scientist in every SFUSD student will be tapped and nurtured so that they become scientifically and ecologically literate. 

This will be realized through rigorous and engaging science education connected to life-worthy and lifelong learning that fosters 21st century disposition and skills: 

  • identifying problems & designing solutions
  • observation & questioning
  • analyzing evidence
  • creativity
  • communication 
  • collaboration 

Amplify Science curriculum:

Health Education

Longfellow strives to teach children about self-care and making wise choices in regard to keeping themselves and others safe and healthy by providing all students a minimum of 20 lessons of health education required by SFUSD. 

Health Education Resources:

Physical Education

High-quality, standards-based physical education instruction helps students learn not only the skills and knowledge to be physically fit and active, it also gives them the confidence and positive attitude necessary to participate in physical activities. 

Mastering fundamental movements skills at an early age establishes a foundation that facilitates further motor skill acquisition and gives students increased capacity for a lifetime of successful and enjoyable physical activity experiences. Similarly, the patterns of physical activity acquired during childhood and adolescence are likely to be maintained throughout one's life span, providing physical, mental, and social benefits. Students receive at least 200 minutes of physical education every 10 school days in grades 1-6. 

PE Standards:

PE curriculum:

Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA)

Longfellow strives to provide a well-rounded education by providing arts education which promote creativity, expression, problem solving, and communication. Our school continues to offer the following opportunities for our students:

  • dance (K-5)
  • visual arts (K-2)
  • acrosports (K-1)
  • ballet (3)
  • music (4-5)

Visual and performing arts scope and sequence:

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